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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Yorkshire Dales May 2012 - Days 5 & 6

Wednesday the 23rd of May

Trollers Gill

Although I slept better I'm still out of sorts.
Today's walk begins in the lovely little village of Appletreewick.
This is the pre 1700 Monks Hall, a very interesting building.

We begin by heading back the way we came towards Burnsall, passing the 'Craven Arms' which will be our watering hole later.

A path takes us down to the Wharfe side, and we then turn back south.
The river's featured a lot in the walks this week.
There's no complaints from me, it's a cracker.

A short rest before we leave the river at Howgill Bridge, the point we joined it after descending Simon's Seat.

A short climb to Howgill lane, then across the meadows to the village of Skyreholme......

....................this brings us to the tearoom at the entrance to Perceval Hall
As I'm looking at the map, the others are conversing with the tearoom owner. She's doing her best to drum up trade, and as I look towards the woods behind the tearoom, she informed us we could get up to Trollers Gill that way, but it'll cost us £5 apiece.
Looking at the website, it may have been worth it.
However she put us on the right track when she realized we weren't parting with any money.

We split into two groups here. I had the map and Scoop had the agenda.
They caught us up later. Scoops group revisited the Gill Head mine when we did. No worries.
The entrance to Trollers Gill.

Thanks again for the pictures Scoop.
A group of 29 from the Harrogate Ramblers exiting Trollers Gill.

Trollers Gill is the home of the Barquest, the spectral hound of Craven, and may have been the inspiration for Conan Doyle's 'Hound of the Baskervilles'
We were on our toes, but luckily never encountered any four legged creatures.

After a photo call at the disused mine, it's a short walk to the bridge over the Skyreholm Beck.
Now our track takes us west to the junction of the path leading down to Gill Head mine.
We stop for an extended lunch allowing the others to catch up.
It's a hot day and little shelter from the sun.

A look at the Gill Head Mine.

We missed the pothole known as Hells Hole or Swallow Hole by accessing the road to early.
It's a lovely track back towards Appletreewick, but I'm struggling today.

It's a welcome Craven arms that quenches our thirst.
It's also a great day for one of our walkers as she's joined at the pub by family and friends carrying her birthday present.

Scoop's punishment for straying from the path is complete as we put her in the stocks.

On the way back to the cars we spot what may well be the original miserable smiley.

Back at the house we relax in the garden, we're eating out tonight.

Fly fishers just below are great to watch. 
I wonder if there are many lady fly fishers.

That night we went to the Devonshire Hotel to eat and drink.
My downfall had been brewing. The meal and wine were excellent. I shouldn't have bothered with the couple of pints of lager. I had a bad night.
The following morning I was going nowhere.

Thursday the 24th of May


The group were heading for Brimham Rocks, I was heading for the chemist.
I must have looked rough as I spoke to the assistant in the pharmacy as she suggested I needed to talk to the pharmacist.
I was swaying by the time she took me into her office to talk to me.
After learning what medication I was on, and what we'd been doing this week, combined with the sudden rise in temperature, she told me I was dehydrated.
I would thoroughly recommend to anyone Boots own brand Rehydration Treatment. Thanks to that lovely lady for her correct diagnosis.
Back at the house I managed to sleep for a while as the medicine began working.
By early afternoon I was fit enough to take a little walk down the river to Linton. 
I got talking to the occupants of these two RIBs.
They were from Burnley and had earlier been laying bricks when the heat of the day made them abandon their job to relax on the river.
There's a short video below.

I find a nice high vantage point to relax and watch the world go by and the fisherman catch nothing.
(There's plenty trout, as we saw a good catch earlier in the week)

I take this panorama.

Panorama of Linton Falls on
It can also be viewed full screen here on Panogio

Here's a video clip, look out for the Burnley Brickies.

After mooring the RIBS below the falls, it looks like the lads are out for a walk.
Yup! Nicely moored.

The medicine has been working. I'm feeling better as the day goes on.
When the others get back I volunteer to go shopping for them.
I'll be ok for tomorrow.
I've never suffered dehydration before. I hope I never do again.
Ah well !

N.B. I've made reference to the boats here and in the video clip as RIBS, but thinking about it they aren't are they ?.
Right ! That's sorted

Extra Pictures added 24th of June


  1. Gorgeous pictures!

    I need a vacation... wish I could hike there with you!


  2. what perfect weather for your dales trip. so lovely. i love the original miserable smiley and the people taking to the river in the heat of the day. wonderful

  3. It's another world over there Jim, its beauty is simply stunning. I've come to enjoy these photographic walks very much. It's impossible to believe it gets hot!!
    I so hope you're feeling much bouncier soon matey. Take good care!

  4. Cant beat that mix of Old villages,hills,history and rural landscapes.Wish I,d been there.My kind of day out.

  5. We haven't got your tropical weather Lisa, but when the sun shines these islands are world beaters. ......not that I'd turn down a long break in Maui you understand !

    Thanks Twinnie One, hope you liked the return to Malham.

    Hi Rose, not as hot as Queensland, that takes a lot of acclimatization. Thanks for your wishes.

    Aye Bob, it's a crackin' area, but even Yorkshire has it's dumps.
    In the 80's I worked with a guy who lived in Sheep Dip Lane in Stainforth near Doncaster....he moved to the Falls road Belfast for the peace and quiet.


Thanks for all your comments. I may not get to reply to them all, but you may be sure they'll be appreciated.

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Morning deer
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