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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Another Salmagundi or Gallimaufry

I haven't been far from home this week on account of appointments. I have however got out and about my home town of Newton Stewart, and I've taken pictures (I like the swallows)

I'll start with this aeroplane
This belongs to Scottish Airway Flyers and is based at Prestwick airport.
It's an interesting concept. Owned by a cooperative of around twenty five pilots, it's sole aim is to provide an aircraft for shareholders to fly at minimal expense.

This hare is sitting on the track of the old railway into Newton Stewart

Now some horses.

These are in a field very close to my house.

I'm not sure what this animal is, but it's in the woods above Barrhill farm

Flowing down the Cree
I may retrieve it on one of my coastal walks

Ornate iron posts near Kirroughtree House

Kirroughtree House

Cattle Feeder

Welcome to Newton Stewart

Just off the A75 at the turn off for Minnigaff

Birds next

My neighbours regular visitors

The next few are of the swallow family

I heard on the news today it's been a bad breeding season for swifts this year.
There's plenty swallows around still.

Cairnsmore of Fleet

The tidal Cree

Plants and flowers
(All wild apart from one)

There's one thing about the rain, it certainly brings growth.


  1. Boy are you having fun with the new camera. An excellent collage of photos keep up the good work.

  2. I can really see the difference in the detail and clarity in these pictures Jim.Love the swallows.What size of zoom have you got if you dont mind me asking?

  3. Jim, you don't make it easy for me to choose a favourite (my game, my choice) but, I love the ball on water, the welcome to Newton Stewart, 2 of swallows on barbed fences, 2 berry shots and the lilly. You and that camera really have got the magic! A visual delight.

  4. Salmagundi has made an appearance before but gallimaufry is a new one on me - I had to look it up. Sounds a bit like my brain.

    An excellent collection of pictures - why should the home stomping ground not get a bit of attention from time to time.

    Like the swallows - there's quite a few in Kirkcudbright too. Strangely across the other side of the country in the capital it seems to be mainly swifts I've seen there.

  5. Hey Jim, sometimes you don't have to travel to far from home, some amazing pictures can come from our own backyard! Nice photos.. I heard a rumor you got a new cam, I hope it serves you well!


  6. Still getting to know the camera Gordon. I'll be trying out a few of the features as I get to know them.

    Cheers Bob, you got the answer I think. It's 840.

    I too loved the swallows Rose, I've only published a few of the many I took.

    I knew Gallimaufry before I knew Salmagundi Sandy, but I'm not really into sesquipedalianism.

    You heard right Michael, I can't wait to get to North Alberta to try it out along the Grizzly Trail.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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