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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Blairmount Cygnets - Update

It's Thursday the 5th of July.
It's about two weeks since I took this video and this post of the family.
This is how they're progressing today.

Someone is feeding them, every time anyone comes to the water inlet, they're quick on the scene.
There's seed and crumbs around the area.

I begin snapping away.

Two of the cygnets seem to stick like glue to each other.

The other looks like an individual.
I wonder whether it's anything to do with what sex they are ?

The first little part of this clip was a week ago, the rest is now.

They still stick quite closely to the parents.

This one looks quite bored with it all.

After taking a few more pictures, I notice some other activity.

This duck suddenly appears out of the blue..................

.......................and four crows make an appearance above me (one flew away almost immediately)

This pair seem to be doing a lot of conniving.

A couple of interesting wild flowers/plants on my way back to the house.

Back home, a red rose has broken off the rosebush. 
I've rescued it to brighten up the window above the sink.


  1. Jim! your talents behind the lens of this camera are awesome! The collection of cygnet pics are totally gorgeous.
    Is the rose in the glass a macro shot? just curious.

  2. Hi Rose, thanks.
    The rose in the glass wasn't a macro, I was working on shutter speed when I took that one.

    Thank you too, Bob and Maria.
    I'm happy with the new camera.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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