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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pre Recce Recce - Craignelder

Thursday the 19th of July
I needed to get a walk in today so I climbed Craignelder as a pre recce.
I thought these couple of pictures deserved an airing.
and the teacher just happened to be on the next hill, Cairnsmore of Fleet.

I must have seen at least 80 goats today. This was my best picture of a dozen.

A gorgeous wild orchid

A collage of some of my views.
It was very wet underfoot, apart from a little drizzle it wasn't a bad day weather-wise.
Hopefully that's me warmed up for Saturday's walk.


  1. Totally awesome that first photo Jim! feels like they are going to fall off the edge. Wild orchids have a perfume?
    Your post is a nice way to start my 7am morning brew - weather is cold, foggy with a fire roaring....

  2. Great goats - I see them so infrequently that I forget we've got them. Always wonder who's posting pictures of the alps.

    Must be the orchid season - second time I've seen them online today. I saw one (it was pointed out to me) for the first time last week and somebody came into the lab asking about a wee pink flower they had seen - giving me the opportunity to sound clever (little did they know how long ago I found out about them)

  3. Thanks guys, glad you've been enjoying me with your morning brew Rose.
    Some of our wild orchids are known as fragrant orchids and have a wonderful scent.
    This one does have a very nice scent, but you almost have to inhale the petals to get it.

    Hi Sandy, ironically Craignelder is opposite the fenced goat park. Looks like they fenced the wrong hill ha ha.

    Thanks Lisa, I imagine you'd make a lovely wild orchid.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
is someone watching me