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Friday, 31 August 2012

A full moon over Galloway

Thursday the 30th of August
It was a clear night, and I finally got my camera settings right to take these lunar pictures

I took a lots of shots at varying distances, but these three are probably the clearest
These are straight out of the camera with no editing, however I did try a few effects to see what would happen. 

The only effect that came up with a surprising result was the 'Pencil Sketch', and this is the result of that below 
Isn't that weird !
I'd love someone to explain it to me ?


  1. Great moon pictures.It always surprises me the way the face in the moon seems to disappear when the image becomes larger. I at least always see it for what it is then - a round rock with craters and hills.

    I'm hoping the empty Galloway sky will continue for a few days as I'm under canvas under it for the weekend (Portpatrick folk festival)

  2. Jim simply stunning!!!!!!
    )Pencil sketch, er mmmm.)
    Seriously the moon shoots are sensational, you must be pleased!

  3. oh wow, i looove thes Jim, im so envious i wanted to go out with my camera last night but couldn't summon the energy. The ring glowing around it was very clear wasn't it, maybe thats what made the bottom image.

  4. Neil Armstrong would have loved them Jim.

  5. Was hoping to get over last night Sandy, but the weather put me off.
    Pleased as punch that I can finally take a sky picture Rose.
    Thanks Ruthie, I guess you're right about the glow. It just amazes me that in among that black background the digital workings can find what we cant see.
    Sandy, I'm disappointed to hear he never got back to Langholm. Love your butterflies.


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Morning deer
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