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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ireland August 2012 - Day 1 - Mourne

August the 1st 2012
It's a miserable day from leaving my house to the boat at Cairnryan.
After a choppy crossing.
And a dreich drive I arrive in Newcastle, County Down.

That's Slieve Donard above the cloud.
After picking up some brochures at the Tourist Information, I head down to Bloody Bridge.
There's no sign of my bunkhouse, someone I ask says it no longer exists. I wish people would update their websites!
After ringing around I've got a bed at Mourne Lodge (Cnocnafeola), Atticall near Kilkeel.

It's still pretty dreich, but I decide to take a walk around Bloody Bridge.

This bridge I'm under is fairly new. The other is on the original site.

It's a choppy sea below.

Bloody Bridge was originally a ford. The name refers to a massacre at the site at the time of the 1641 rebellion. The bodies of slain prisoners were thrown over the bridge into the river, turning it red and so the river became known as the Bloody Bridge River. 

Next I took a quick look around Annalong and It's harbour......

.............and another quick shifty in Kilkeel.
Now I got into gear trying to find  Attacall.
I eventually found the right road, and by the time I got there it was pouring down.
I found Mourne Lodge after passing it a few times.
I wasn't on the lookout for Cnocnafeola ha ha.
Cooked myself some food when I'd found the kitchen, then when I next looked out, the view was transformed.

Mountains were in view!
I took a run in the car up the hills as far as the big dam

That's Kilkeel way down there.

On my way back down I get this panorama.

I'm heading back down to Kilkeel
The views are great now.

I believe this is Rocky Mountain.

A look around Kilkeel Harbour finishes off the day nicely.


  1. A wet start but wow, what an ending. thanks Jim - WONDERFUL trip!! I note the camera is doing some tricky stuff....

  2. Wonderful blog.

    I really wish I was there,rain or not.

    I'm impressed with the panorama!

  3. Weather forecast for the next few days does not look too bad. Have fun and a pint of Guiness on me. HA HA

  4. When I was in my 20,s I had a five year period discovering Irish folk music for the first time.Loads of great songs about hiding out in the Mountains of Mourne and all the high places country wide.Galtee mountain boy was my favourite though.Thats where I first learned the hill names from.
    Bloody bridge was mentioned in one.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments folk.
    I'm home again and slowly catching up.
    Still got a few more posts on Ireland.


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