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Monday, 13 August 2012

Ireland August 2012 - Day 3 & 4 - Fermanagh

I've been out of WI-FI range for a week, so it'll take a while to catch up.

It's Friday the 3rd of August and I'm leaving the Mountains of Mourne..
There's a short road on the Spelga Dam I've got to take a look at on the way though.

There's already quite a few videos of this optical illusion on Youtube, and my short clip isn't much good, but here it is anyway.
There was no one around, and my wee car picked up speed too quickly, hence the brevity of the clip.
Like I said there's a few already on Youtube. 
My favourite would be this one by Shanna on 'There and back again'

It's a dreich day as I head westwards.
Once on the shores of Upper Lough Erne I decide to take a look at the Crom Estate 
There's a deal on National Trust membership so I join and get my £4.50 entrance fee back.

It's a large estate so I get my walking boots on.
There's a fair variety of mature trees. 
The Crom yews are thought to be 800 years old.

Crom  Old Castle

Look out for colourful dragonflies they said.
There were much bigger ones, but I couldn't get a picture of them.

It's worth a visit

The National Trust doesn't own Crom Castle though.
It's still in the Crichton family, the hereditary Earl Erne
His lordship is keen to share his sumptuous home for a price.

The deer are a little shy

There's lots to see and do. As I arrived back a wedding party had just arrived.
More guests were arriving by boat.

Now I'll have a moan.
Having just joined the National Trust, I thought I'd ask about a roof over my head for the night in one of the holiday cottages. There were eight of them and not all were occupied. The young lady who'd signed me up was helpful, but couldn't do anything but telephone the cottages booking office. Booking was for a minimum of two nights at a cost of £300. It was late afternoon and the chances of letting the remaining rooms must have been remote at that time of day. I decided against the expense. I also decided against pitching a tent with a minimum price for two ! Am I the only single person around.

My next stop was Lisnaskea where I inquired about a single room in the hotel there. Again I was quoted a silly price. 
Lisnaskea needs it's drainage system upgraded. The weather hadn't been brilliant, but now the heavens opened and soon the drains were erupting in fountains of water. 
The rain also blocked the road to Derrylin, so I made me way to Carrybridge where I'd dined nicely on my 2011 Trip.

At last a very reasonable price for Bed and Breakfast  I got the one room left.

It's a popular place with the boat people.
I get a good night's sleep.

After a lovely breakfast I've time to look at something happening in the water.
It's a swim to Enniskillen. I'm not sure if this was a charity swim, or a training run for the Irish Long Distance Swimming Championships which take place here on Sunday. It's nearly eleven miles !

Enniskillen comes next for me

And now I'm a member of the National Trust, I can take a look around Florencecourt
The ancestral home of the Cole Family, the Earls of Enniskillen

I get a tour guide all to myself as the previous tour is already underway.
As with all these period houses, photography is prohibited inside. 

This is the mother tree of all Irish yew trees.
Here's it's history on Rural NI

It's hard to believe that after coming to this area for 40 plus years this is the first time I've visited Florencecourt.

My last car journey of the day takes me over to Belcoo and the 
Here I'm meeting up with my four daughters and their families.
We've hired these two cottages for a week.
Let the fun begin.


  1. Cottages look excellent just perfect for your family and all the grandweans. You will be twenty years younger after a week of running after them.

  2. Hoping you, your daughters and families have had a marvellous time! This post kept me here for an age, linking and reading - such amazing history! and beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing Jim!

  3. it looks like you had a wonderful time
    wonderful to see all your photos, two particularly caught by eye... Crom Old Castle and the wonderful deer. you would think i have seen enough... nope. lovely summer time to you!

  4. I'd heard Ireland has it's own electric bray. Good to see pictures f it in amongst a bumper bag of other goodies.

    I have a National Trust membership (well it's a National Trust for Scotland but it has the same effect) allong with a historic Scotland membership (why must there be two organisations!) and it's great to be able to drop in on places without having to count the pennies too much - I shall use your experience and just not ask them for a room. Always such a shame not to be allowed to take pictures but it does remind me that I see things to enjoy them and not always to think, "I could make a blog out of this".

  5. Some great places Jim.Always fancied a trip there but the money involved to take a car over put me off.
    Well done on getting that wee blue zimmer.They are not easy to creep up on as I,ve found out.

  6. Cheers Gordon, it's great to spend time with them, but it's also great they've got parents to go back to.

    Thanks Rose, I got as much enjoyment from your family visit to the tropics.

    I too loved the deer Tammie, they were a particularly striking breed.

    I've never been sure about what an N.T. Membership covers Sandy, so when I asked if it covered me for Scottish properties I was delighted to be told it does.
    You're right about photos in these places though. If you're concentrating on taking pictures, your probably missing the story.

    Ferry prices are crazy Bob.
    Reminds me of a story back in the 90's.
    Me and the wife were heading over for a wedding, and we were going to park the car at Stranraer and be foot passengers.
    At the booking desk I was buying the tickets, it was for a three day trip. The booking agent worked out the price and it was to come to something like £58. He then asked if we'd come by car and after replying in the affirmative he said they were currently running an offer of a four day visit for a car and up to four passengers for £50.
    We took the car.


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Morning deer
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