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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Blairmount Babies - Another Update - September 2012

Remember these little fellas back in June
Cute eh !

Well it's now September

Here's a little video clip
The music is from 1953, Moulin Rouge theme from Mantovani

I've no idea how much longer they'll stay.
I've read that cygnets will typically stay with their parents for six months, so it's possible this might be my last post on them.

I will have to try and get some video of them learning to fly though.


  1. How wonderful Jim! I love a follow up. They are such BIG babies now. Due to the 'iffy' nature of my internet connection at times, I was unable to enjoy a smooth viewing of the video clip. :(
    I do hope we'll be treated to one more post about the cygnets.

  2. A series of very nice shots.

  3. Very Nice Jim.I think the waterfowl fared slightly better than the land creatures this summer.

  4. I'm glad to see there still all together & it looks like they are all healthy & happy! Good blog Jim.. : )


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