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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Leuchars Air Show 2012

September the 15th 2012
I was only a young lad when I went to my first Leuchars Air Display.
I remember seeing a Meteor that time, there's a picture of one among these.
I accompanied one of my aunts from Glenrothes to what may well be the last ever Leuchars Airshow.
A windy but sunny day meant I got hundreds of pictures.
Here's a few starting with some of the Red Arrows.

Red Arrows


Static Planes and Displays 

Runway Pictures


Leuchars is home to the amazing Eurofighter Typhoon
You've just seen one of the cockpit in the last set of pictures.
Here's the best airborne ones I managed (they go that fast you see)

Sentry AEWI(complete with AWACS)

Vulcan B2

B-52H Stratofortress

Meteor T7

All other displays

Including Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Spitfire ,Hurricane and Dakota).
Tornado GR4. Tucano T1. SE.5a
Wildcats Aerobatic Team. The Blades - 2Excel Aviation.
Venom FB50, and anything else I might have missed.


Here's my shaky video compilation

That was a great day


  1. wow!! what a show!!! oh my gosh! My boys would just love love love everything about this. I am going to now look for opportunities to see something like this...i had no idea what we were missing!

  2. Jim this is a sensational selection of photos from an obviously wonderful if not bittersweet day for you.
    You got that new camera just in time I reckon. I hope Aunty had a great time too.
    Thank you for your comment - I left a wee reply.

  3. A nice collection of aircraft pictures Jim.I was up close to one of those double rotor helicopters once in the hills.Some noise that comes off them when they are in the air.

  4. shows like this are always amazing!

  5. I've come back for a more leisurely look at these photos Jim, they really are fabulous shots. It brought back memories of some mates I had in the RAAF (only one is left now, the other 3 were V.vets and committed suicide) Oh and of course the time I flew in a chinook during one training exercise and they put the ramp down whilst flying. It was an amazing experience. I wasn't on the ramp!! (I was strapped in.) And then the time I was 'selected' to be the subject who was winched from an iroquois onto the top of a mountain. Those were the days!! And some subsequent routine flights during training exercises. Feels like a lifetime ago. :)

  6. Hi Rose, sounds like you were a real adventure girl back in the day.
    Sorry about your mates, combat does that to some folk. It's the same over here, there's no follow up and the vets are just discarded to their own devices.
    The Americans learned their lessons in Vietnam, and Vets are looked afterwards these days.
    During my time in the army, we trained to climb down 30ft ropes from Wessex helicopters. It looks a long way down from the chopper, but not so looking back up.
    Yes, those were the days.

  7. Here in Oz, (now days) trauma counsellors are at the ready for even a stubbed toe. Talk about a switch ;)

  8. I saw a chinook over Edinburgh only the day before - I wonder if it was the same one.
    Great pictures, especially the Red Arrows ones. Do you have a button on that camera that stops time while you take the picture?

  9. I've a feeling it was the same one Sandy, I saw quite a bit if activity coming into Glenrothes the day before.
    I've a setting on the camera for fast moving things, but I still got a lot of blurred pictures. I took enough to be sure I'd at least get a few good ones.


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