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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Out and About - Portpatrick and Lochinch Castle

Disclaimer: Please don't sue me. I don't have a lawyer and I'm not familiar with privacy laws or how the courts generally interpret them. I might be doing something illegal or grossly negligent, but I mean well and I'm just trying to paint a picture of my day.
I understand that free legal advice is worth what I paid for it. So I appreciate that you won't hold me accountable in any way no matter what I do.
If your image or anything to which you have a legal right appears in this post, and you wish it to be removed, then get in touch or leave a comment and I will immediately remove it. 

Sunday the 2nd of September 2012
I travelled out to Portpatrick today hoping to catch the last of the folk festival.
Shucks, I was too late.
However it was a lovely day, and I decided to take some pictures.
I couldn't resist taking some people pictures, that's the reason for the opening paragraph.
I hope you enjoy them as I enjoyed taking them.

For the second part of this post, I went over to Lochinch Castle for the annual food and drink festival. 
A busy pub

Fishermen and chips

The Putting Green

Taking a break from whale watching

They don't look dressed for the Southern Upland Way

Plenty boats today

The bikers are in town

Harbour bound

Nice motor mate !

An array of strange creatures

The big anchor

Both main waterfront hotels were busy

I like this view

Go on little one, have a's vanilla

Leaving Portpatrick

A doggie dozen (more round the back)


RNLB John Buchanan Barr

Lochinch Castle

Home of the Earl and Countess of Stair

Coat of Arms

"Let the fortune of the house stand"

Stables block

The Courtyard, Visitors and Fair

Other activities

I also took some video of these guys. They were good.

 A very enjoyable day


  1. Shucks (I haven't heard that word in like eons) so don't sue me for using it - will you.... Now, shucks how could anyone sue you after that poignant and sweet disclaimer (I might borrow your disclaimer) but you won't sue me ...... will you!?
    Loved ALL of the photos, great people shots Jim, the Doggie Dozen would love you but I reckon you might hear from the two blokes in the background... ;)

  2. Its a tricky one Jim.Great group of photographs.People make good subjects and add colour but you never know how they will react.
    I had a negative reaction a few weeks ago after I asked if I could take a photo of some bikers I,d just met.That didn,t go down well.Same with gangs in the past.I,ve learned I,ve not got the balls or the charm for it.
    Mind you I,m not too keen on folk doing it to me either. I,m also an ugly bugger :)

  3. How could anyone possibly object to being included in the world famous "Glebeblog". Portpatrick traditionally has one of the best folk weekends in the West of Scotland it is such an idyllic setting for such an event.

  4. Nice post Jim. You sell Portpatrick well with your pics.

  5. Jim, you can't have missed me by all that much if the sun is still out. Actually I left sometime shortly after four and there was still music going on at a few tables round the Waterfront. Though I see you've managed to catch Gus without an instrument in his hands so perhaps it died down fairly fast after I left. Top notch weekend of music as it usually is at Portpatrick.

  6. Jim, great pics of your day! I see you have some sunshine sticking around.. Oh, you will have to remove the pictures of my castles, um.. wait a minute, those arent mine! oops.. : )

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments and the quips people. I remember the days when we could film and photograph our kids at school. It's a different world these days. I can quite understand people's privacy concerns. A friend of ours a few years ago filmed and uploaded to the internet her daughter's graduation ceremony, and had to take it down because someone in the background objected.
    When I upload my walk pictures, my fellow ramblers all know they're likely to be in the local press. As Bob says, it's a tricky one.

  8. That wee blue boat is adorable. Makes me wanna wear wader wellies and cast off.

  9. That wee blue boat is adorable. Makes me wanna wear wader wellies and cast off.

  10. seems like such a fun day. that castle looks so grand!

  11. you would get hired at any travel magazine.


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