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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Carlingwark Loch, Catle Douglas

Wednesday 3rd of October.
I'm over in Castle Douglas having a walk round Carlingwark Loch.

There's been otters spotted on Carlingwark Loch. I didn't get to see any, but I think I'll come back in the spring. Judging by these two clips, spring is the time to see them.

There is however a lot of  birds (mainly swans), so here's some pictures and a video clip.

Is this a standoff of some sort ?

This Moorhen doesn't seem to care.

There's quite a few cygnets around. They seem to be further on than those in Blairmount Pond.

There are lots of swans on Carlingwark, I think they get well fed as a later picture will show.

It may be October but there still seems to be a lot of tourists.

I got the lighting wrong on this robin.
Is it me, or are there more Robins in Autumn.

A walk opened in 2004 by the previous Lord Lieutenant of the Stewartry.

It seems the youngsters need a little persuasion to take to the air.
Shortly before I filmed this clip, the mother swan was fairly chasing the pair of them.


Imagine what babies would look like at 6 months old if they developed as quickly as Cygnets.

Soon be Christmas

Having watched the swans and cygnets on Blairmount for the last six months, I see a change in the female.
Her coat is much more glossy, and she shows it off more.

It's a chaffinch init ?
(Paul's commented below that it's a House Sparrow. He's right of course)

See what I mean !

The fountain makes a lovely picture

I'm being followed.
A young lady pushing a toddler commented with a smile on her face "Bloody pests"

Another look at the fountain

I like the above picture

On the move to pester someone else.

I'll go back in the spring to find the otters.


  1. fun photos..and love your commentary!

  2. Grand photos. I didn't know there were otters to be seen at Carlingwark Loch, I'll have to go and have a look the next time I'm in CD.

  3. Usually when swans show their feathers up in the air as in several of your excellent photos it signifies they are not happy,usual cause is a pet dog going too close or some form of threat. Twitchers refer to the mode as "in their battledress"

  4. Some nice wildlife photos Jim.Was that a silent movie piano in the background on the video?

  5. Fascinating what Gordon said about the swan and its feathers. Now I know! That second last pic is awesome Jim! They all are, you know I pause and ogle every single one. I love this country! I'm so disappointed though - my internet connectivity set-up will not allow me to watch little movie clips. Gives me a little bit and then it will usually just pause indefinitely. But you provide enough photos to keep me happy!

  6. Init a wee house sparra, really.

  7. wow, that is a lot of birds.
    the other day i walked into my yard and there was a flock of robins, i had never seen that. but where are they now.... heading south or at least to town maybe.

  8. Thanks Annmarie, you can tell my mood by my commentary. If there's no humour I'm miserable.

    I'd wait till spring Sandy, there'll be less reeds for them to hide then.

    Thanks for the info Gordon, I always appreciate your superior knowledge as far as Ornithology is concerned.

    Hi Bob, the music is from 1959 and is Russ Conway with Roulette.

    Hi Rose, I've noticed with Youtube that if I use a piece of popular music, then certain countries have different copyright laws and wont allow screening. With this one, as they do with a lot of mine they've allowed me to use the music, but will attach adverts to it.

    Thanks Paul, I've updated via your comment.

    I'd have loved to see that Tammie, a flock of Robins. I don't know if our Robins ever flock, but I read that the American Robins flock. Sometimes the flocks number in the hundreds and evening roosts in the fall can number in the thousands or more.


Thanks for all your comments. I may not get to reply to them all, but you may be sure they'll be appreciated.

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Morning deer
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