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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Swans on Blairmount Pond - Update

Filmed on 16th of October 2012 in Newton Stewart, South West Scotland. The cygnets are about six months old now. Music is by courtesy of Moby via and is called Scream Pilots


  1. Hey Jim, good morning or evening, (depending what part of the planet we are on!) Nice capture of the local wildlife of Newton Stewart. The Swans seem to be a very close knit family. Its good to see that they are healthy & doing well.

    Have a good day or night! : )
    (Its almost 8am here, I presume its around 3pm there...)

  2. Love the music it is very appropriate to the video.

  3. The king of birds.Good eating in a swan :)

  4. My connectivity actually let me watch and listen to a few seconds here and there and the family is beautiful. The cygnets are so big now.
    Have a great day over there Jim!

  5. Thanks for all you nice comments lovely people.

    Bob, I seem to remember in my army days of a regiment who had an annual regimental dinner where swan was on the menu, but I can't find any reference on the internet.
    Apparently one of the Samuel Pepys favourite dishes was roast swan and Mrs Beeton had a recipe. In Peter Young's book 'Swan,
    Page 147 has some interesting images and recipes.


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Morning deer
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