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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Flooding in Newton Stewart

On Monday the 19th of November after heavy overnight rain, the River Cree flooded much of lower Newton Stewart. Here's a few pictures and a video clip.

Riverside Car Park

Creemills footbridge

North Barnkirk

Nether Barr

Bewildered Bird

Riverside Road

Millcroft Road rear gardens


Creebridge, Minnigaff


  1. That's a lot of water Jim, fantastic pictorial of the event, and my sympathies are with anyone who has experienced hardship or damage from this flood.
    (We're on high bush fire alert here in the Hunter)

  2. Scarey stuff Jim but what an excellent record of it all. Devastation for anyone living in its path.

  3. I was safely installed in my garret on Monday and hadn't realised we'd had flooding in the region - it was certainly a wet night but it didn't seem to rain for long enough in Kirkcudbright. I believe Dumfries got its normal ducking too.

  4. It's a pity we can't ship some of this rain out to you Rose. Nature's extremes seem to magnify each year. I've just been reading that Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier may soon be dropping a New York City-sized iceberg into the ocean. I guess we'll adapt, but at what cost ?

    Thanks both Sandys, I've had a telling off from my kids for getting so close. One of the reasons for the overflow was the amount of rain dumped up high in the Galloway Hills.

  5. Ouch, that is a lot of water! Hope there were no casualties.

  6. I used to fancy a garden with a stream running through it near me as it looked so beautiful in summer
    but now I,m glad I dont have a river close by.Great pictures Jim but it must be sickening for people who have been flooded several times now.Once is bad enough.


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