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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Newton Stewart Christmas Lights Switch On - December 2012

2nd of December 2012
After returning from an excellent Christmas dinner with the Wigtownshire Ramblers at the 
Tigh Na Mara hotel in Sandhead, 
I ventured out for the Christmas Lights switch on in Newton Stewart.  
The first picture I get is of the Queen of Galloway on her sleigh in Dashwood Square.

Here's our tree.

The procession heads down Albert Street to the main shopping area of Victoria Street.

It's a cold night, but there are still a few stalls out.

I take some video as the leader of the Community Council counts down to the switch on.

It's a cold night, but it hasn't yet snowed, however the kids are delighted when suddenly the snow arrives out of a pipe on the Galloway Arms Hotel.

I'm also in the line of snow where I sit.

It's a colourful display.....

.............and a good turn out for such a cold night.

Not too many on the dance floor, but those that did had a hooley.

And the band played on.

I sat down for Folsom Prison Blues and Suspicious Minds.

That was quite a nice ceremony, but I never got to taste the mulled wine. I couldn't find it.
So there you have it, it's officially Christmas time here in Newton Stewart.


  1. Woohoo Newton Stewart knows how to do Christmas lights and, how to party! Cold goes with Christmas - the tropics doesn't!
    Thanks for the encouragement Jim, you know I appreciate it.

  2. Jim hello, that is really neat that you folks have a special event like that! I almost feel like I'm missing out on something... Great photo opportunities too!

    : )

  3. Thanks Rose, I guess you're back in the tropics by now.
    I'm sending you some snowflakes for Christmas.

    Kenneth G. Libbrecht using a specially designed snowflake photomicroscope has captured these
    Click on the capitals

  4. I'm sure the good folks of Calgary know how to celebrate Michael, just been looking at Lighten Up Calgary I'd love to see the city from the air at night. I especially like the look of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.


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