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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Garlieston seabirds and a Monreith Recce March 2013

On Tuesday the 19th I was down at Garlieston walking on the beach. I couldn't get really close to the bird-life so I zoomed a lot. Here's a few of the pictures I took. The magnificent Shelducks were the pick of the bunch, but I couldn't get the clearest picture.

It looks like there's only one of the three story dwellings left. Not bad at £145,000...........look here Garlieston Harbour  

Wednesday the 20th of March was a recce for this Saturday's walk where I'm back up leader.
Here's a taster of what's on offer.
a map of the area

almost an antique now

lobster creeels

view across to the 6th and 7th holes of st medan's golf club

fishing boat

solitaire board ?
tronachan is the name of a dwelling here, other than that I don't know

an area of mystique wizards cup and rings and standing stones

a chopping block ?

fell of barhullion

old place of monreith also known as dowies, rentable from the landmark trust

this was still being worked on in 2011
they've a friendly looking website here

i don't mind the semi nudity, but what will the neighbours say !

i never noticed the face looking up at me

skunk cabbage and spring flowers

don't get confused with this picture, no one is deformed, there are three people in it
the trees are araucaria angustifolia, the paraná pine, brazilian pine or candelabra tree
i think we called it chile pine the last time

a renovation in progress, note the roof tiling

these are black herefords also known as black baldies though there were others of a different shade

old mill house monreith

on the way home, almost an emergency stop by driver shorty for me to snap this hercules

see you all saturday

The Free Press have begun their appeal for this years Relay for Life
Why not give them a couple of bob !

Just in case any local ramblers haven't got the message yet, because of the wintry conditions tomorrow's 23/3/13
walk around Monreith has been cancelled.


  1. What a colourful and diverse post Jim! Red herefords are my favourite bovine of all. I have a red phone box - it's a money box and I would love to have that 3 story house at the Harbour!
    The ducks are my favourite, the markings are, well remarkable.
    Great shot of the hercules. I was with friends at the beach earlier today and US fighter jets were flying over our Cleveland Bay and I didn't get one shot!! (They are visiting here on exercise)
    Enjoy your upcoming walk!

  2. absolutely gorgeous and i love gargoyles! and i am glad to know there are still phone booths!

  3. Bet its not looking like that now Jim with all the new snow flurries arriving. Great photos of the Shelducks. Hard birds to get close too, I've tried many times in the past. Jay's are a bugger as well.

  4. Thanks for your comments folks, I don;t reply to them enough.It snowd again today


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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