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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Wigtownshire Ramblers Training Weekend April 2013

This weekend has been a leadership training weekend with Karen Inkster the Led Walks Officer from the Ramblers Association.
This was the blurb.
"The Wigtownshire Ramblers are running a walk leader training event focusing on how to deal with emergencies on walks and navigation training. Karen Inkster, Led Walks Officer, will be doing a presentation on how to handle emergency situations on the Saturday and then offering navigation training on the hill on the Sunday."

I've written a report for the press which can be read after the pictures.
My thanks to Scoop for her contribution of photographs.
Not much dialogue on this post as it's getting late and I'm ready for a cup of cocoa.

Karen standing, New Luce Village Hall

Ready to pace out one hundred metres

Now back a hundred metres. (We were scattered about twenty metres, it looks like some folk take shorter steps going uphill)

A group picture. Who's that lounger on the left ?

I wonder why there are more smiley faces when I'm not in the picture. I don't know whether to take it as a compliment or a snub !.

Heading towards Barnshangan

I managed to reunite the lost lamb with her mother.

A couple of youngsters and the latest in scarecrows

We watched this slow-worm slither and slide for a while.

Here's the report.
Wigtownshire Ramblers Training Weekend.

Saturday the 20th of April.
Twenty ramblers gathered at 7pm on Saturday evening at Stranraer Fire Station for the start of a leadership training weekend with Karen Inkster, the Ramblers National Led Walks Officer.
The evening's session was a presentation on how to handle emergency situations and on walk leader training. 
Subjects covered included leaders check-lists, responsibilities, integrating new walkers, weather, planning walks, insurance and safety and good practice.
Karen also passed on many useful internet links and tips.
A break was taken mid way through the session to enjoy tea and biscuits. Thanks must go to the fire services for the use of their facilities.
Sunday the 21st of April
New Luce village hall was the venue for the start of the second day's training. The first two hours were spent in a classroom environment learning of the various types of maps, national grid lines, map symbols, map orienting, grid reference identification, contour lines. This was followed by learning of the components of a compass, taking compass readings and magnetic variations. A lunch break was taken before the group took to the hills to practice what they'd learned.
A lot of fun was had pacing out one hundred metres and finding out that mobile phones and cameras affected compasses. Karen had a number off tasks for the group to solve. These included pacing out and changing compass bearings sometimes with unexpected results.
On the hills east of New Luce a lamb was reunited with her mother, bogs were crossed and the remnants of a cairn were hopefully found.
After accessing the tarmac road east of Hardcroft this was followed back to New Luce. 
After stowing away walking equipment the group proceeded to the Kenmuir Arms to enjoy after walk refreshments. Top marks to the pub management who had the lounge readily prepared for this influx and where the tea, coffee and scones were of the highest order. 
Karen was given a vote of thanks for her excellent training sessions before leaving for her long run back up to Perthshire. The group consensus was of a well organised and informative weekend. Everyone learned something they didn't know.

Next week’s walk, on Saturday 27th of April, will be a fairly vigorous  B+ climb up Mulldonoch via the Caldons Burn. Meet at 09:00 at the Breastworks Car Park, Stranraer or at 09:30 at the Riverside Car Park, Newton Stewart to share transport.  The walk will start from Caldons Car Park at 10:00 (Grid Ref: NX 397 579). New walkers are always welcome but please contact the walk leader before joining. If going direct to the start or for any other queries please contact the walk leader on 01671 403351.


  1. your group never ceases to amaze! you guys are the model for how to integrate fun, adventure, fellowship, etc....and you think of everything!!!

  2. Totally agree with Annmarie Jim, as well as amazing history lessons!

  3. gorgeous pics as always and hey i would just go ahead and take it as a compliment :)

  4. I'm dead jealous Jim. Not about the training going on, you can keep that :) Never seen a live slow worm yet outdoors in the wild. Well impressed.

  5. it does seem like a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected on walks.

    looks like another wonderful group and outing.

  6. Classroom stuff - Jings! At least they let you out for a wee walk eventually.

    Creehenge sounds interesting - must go and look for it. I wonder if it'll be causing mystery and speculation in 5000 years time??

  7. I'm getting slower folks, you'll have to bear with me.
    We do Annmarie. We're generally all like minded with the occasional pot stirring.

    Galloway has a long and often bloody history Rose. Maybe that's why the area is still so quiet !

    I will on your say so then Lynn.

    The 60's and Brecon Beacons was my last sighting of a slow worm Bob.

    Not too many people like to lead walks Tammie, but come an emergency and they're soon to the fore. No complaints here.

    Aye back tae skool Sandy, it wiz fun. I thought you'd already been over at Creehenge, must be mixing you up with somebody else.


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