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Monday, 20 May 2013

Ramblers Trip 2013 to the Mountains of Mourne - Day 1 - Tollymore Forest Park

(N.B. To my fellow trippers. If you have any publishable humorous, interesting or otherwise anecdotes that should be published on these pages, can you email me them so I can copy and paste them. I'll credit them either anonymously, under your nickname or your honourable title. Please note the word publishable !) 

It was a mixed weather forecast for the week as twelve ramblers made their way to the boat at Cairnryan for this six day break to the Mountains of Mourne in County Down.

It was a cloudy crossing with only a few ventures onto the outside decks.
Four cars somehow followed my route instructions to get from Belfast to the first of our adventures.

Day 1 - Tollymore Forest Park
(I'll occasionally be using some of  Scoop's pictures throughout these posts, so I'll thank her in advance for allowing me to use them) 

 Tollymore Forest Park is close to Newcastle. It was a choice between this and Castlewellan for a short walk before heading for the hostel.  

 There's many a twist to this tree

 Everyone looks happy. I hope it lasts !

 The above picture is a cracker, shame I didn't take it

 Lot's of lovely waterfalls today.

 I took this one

 This is the hermitage. It was built by the 2nd Earl of 
Clanbrassil during the 18th century. It was a memorial to his friend the Marquise 
of Monthermer who died in 1770.
There's an excellent P.D.F published by 
It's a fascinating insight with old photographs and the history of life in a mansion house.

 From the left, the Weaver, the Teacher, the Musician, A'O.K(among others), the Sunday School teacher and Shorty

 ............and I thought I had an intrepid group of adventurers with me !

 much easier !

Keep smiling. 
It's a nice place for a walk, but it remained overcast and we wouldn't have the time to complete the Mountain and Drinns Trail

It's the River Trail then 

 The waterfalls are numerous

 Well, there's me (there's no hiding place for that paunch)

 The obelisk commemorates a son of the house, Lieut. the Hon. James Bligh Jocelyn RN, who died on the 10th of July 1812.
 The inscription on the obelisk reads as follows "This Sacred Monument was placed To thee thou darling Boy Whose Love And Duty never ceased To give thy Parent Joy His care relieved thine infant wants He watched thy ripening Age Hope that Religion only grants His Sorrow can assuage.
This Monument was placed here By A fond and affectionate Father fo The Memory of a Truly Beloved Son The Honourable James Bligh Jocelyn R N Who on the 10th Day Of July 1812 in the 23rd Year of his age Departed this Mortal Life in Consequence of an Attack of Asthma occasioned by his Professional Exertions in The Service of his King and Country."

 Clanbrassil Barn, it's a sham, pre 1760 Gothic Church with a tower and spire that once stabled horses and now houses exhibitions. The Bryansford Gate is on the right.

Back at the car park, walking boots off and we're heading for Atticall.
We take the mountain loop up via the Spelga Dam

Despite a thick fog developing we eventually reached our lodgings for the week.

Settling in, some of us cooked while some of us visited the Pit Stop in Kilkeel

Well, today seemed to go OK, It's a good start.


  1. Six day mountain hike, wow, nice! You folks are living the good life. : ) Anywho, the landscape looks absolutely gorgeous, very lush & green already. I think I would be very happy hiking out there. Any wildlife (besides yourselves) you folks should be worried about out there, bears, cats?
    Just curious.. Have a great week Jim. : )

  2. Can't wait for the rest of the 6 days to unfold if this is just Day 1.!
    This is going to be wonderful!

  3. Best time of year to visit country estates for the flowers and trees.
    My idea of a perfect walk is to always start or finish through one. Never enough of them. Tollymore is a new one on me Jim.
    If I ever win the jackpot I'd like to bag them all. That's my idea of Heaven on earth.

  4. The only thing to worry about Michael, is our only poisonous snake, the Adder. However I don't think there are any in Ireland, didn't St Patrick banish them.

    Glad you kept up Rose. I re-dated the Irish posts and ended up confusing myself and others.

    Have a look at Bob. If you win big, just buy your own !


Thanks for all your comments. I may not get to reply to them all, but you may be sure they'll be appreciated.

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Morning deer
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