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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wigtownshire Ramblers Cairnryan Lake Superior June 2013

I'm full of cold writing this, who passed it on ?
It's Saturday the 29th of June.
Today's walk is one I've done before.
My first look up here wasn't as long ago as I originally thought, it was just over three years ago.
We're staring the walk from outside the Merchant's House in Cairnryan.
It's an overcast day with a threat of an odd shower. There's a good turn out of twenty five walkers.
My camera is still a big problem, but I've managed to crop and enhance most of the pictures to make them view-able.
I'll also include a number of  photographs sent to me by Scoop. 
We begin with a short walk along the A77 before turning up the hill at Croach Road

The track follows the course of the Claddy Burn. 

Here's a couple from Scoop's camera

We're directly above the P & O terminal.............

................and the European Causeway is just setting off for Larne.

After a bit of a climb we're passing Croach Quarry and the ground levels off. There was once a P.D.F with lots of details regarding quarrying at Croach, but that seems to have vanished. 

We have four legged Tilly along with us today. That's her owner getting her a drink on the left.

The track now heads away from the Claddy House Burn and enters the forest. There's a bit of colour around. 

We were attacked by midges on one section through the forest, but never really bothered us again.
The forest track now took us on a circular route round Lainchalloch and South Moile to turn south towards Lake Superior.

Scoops picture of the none too impressive Lake Superior. She's also spotted a creature among the heather and tussocks.

On a closer inspection, there were quite a number of birds on the water.
Now the track took us back to the point we entered the forestry where lunch was taken alongside a drystone dyke.

After lunch we began to descend.

"In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia"

Nearing the ford on the Claddy House Burn.

The froth on the burn was reminiscent of a pint of Guinness. A glimpse of the berth upgrade at the P & O terminal. Foxgloves in full bloom.

Leaving the track back down to Cairnryan we branch off to the empty and ruined buildings of High Croach.
Today we are in the Inch Barony of Wigtownshire. There's a lot of history and archaeological sites all across this area. I guess that's where the name Lord Inchcape came from. (A logical assumption I think)

Now as we take to climbing Cairnbeg Hill, Loch Ryan's views become more extensive.

It's a steady climb to the north.

We're soon viewing Stena's terminal.

This is Cairn Hill Trigpoint with Flush Bracket number BM S8057
The link tells me it was built the 25th of August 1954 at a cost of £25.17s.6d

Scoop finds it hard to get everyone in the picture.

A few tussocks, bogs and obstacles as we continue north.

Another great capture for Scoop. Well done gentlemen !

We're having a look at the reservoir near Meikle Laight. The Glen Burn and the wonderful sounding Duckdubs Burn both flow into here.

Scoop and the Milkmaid get in the picture. (don't jump or push !)...........

........................and so do I.

Crossing the Glen Burn

A short climb brings us up Lairds Hill just below Meikle Laight where we descend following the course of the Glen Burn

At Burnfoot Bridge we turn into the grounds of Lochryan House.

The European Causeway which was going out as we started the walk, is now in it's way back after a round trip to Larne.

The last stretch of today's walk takes us alongside the ruins of the military camp

Fishermen on the old jetty.
Our day concluded with delicious tea, coffee, scones and cake in the Merchant's House
A very enjoyable and interesting walk.


  1. We had similar weather at Ballantrae for our wee barbie. A dry day in June whatever will they think of next.

  2. Looks a nice walk Jim. Hope your cold and camera get fixed up in the near future. Despite Alex's enthusiasm for flush brackets I cant get that excited over them I'm afraid :)

  3. The anorack in me lurks fairly close to the surface and I can see the attractions of wandering about the country collection trig point numbers. It's a bloke thing I suppose. Thanks for the like - I enjoyed my visit to the site though I have no intention of even thinking about starting (unless thay start making them out of stained glass)

    Lake Superior? Perhaps it's all about quality rather than quantity.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. That was a wonderful walk Jim, I really enjoyed the vistas. A happy bunch I see, and here's wishing you a speedy recovery from a pesky cold.:)

  6. this hike was stunning---i especially like your pic of you standing on the wall, very daring---and ya had me going by that virginia remark :)

  7. Thanks for your comments ladies and gentlemen, they are appreciated.

    Dry in June is right Gordon, hope Saturday is dry for your Maybole walk.

    Thanks Linda, hope you're keeping well.

    I'm not really into flush brackets Bob and Sandy, but if there is one I'll record it.

    It's Wednesday Rose and the cold has nearly gone. The unreported sore leg is much better too.

    I'm a Son of the Desert Lynn, any Lonesome Pine gets the treatment. I'm guessing you're in Virginia or were raised there ?
    Mike Polacek of Huntington, WV, was Laurel and Hardy's self proclaimed ' No.1 Fan.'

  8. When you go an a walk like this, are you away the entire day?

  9. Hi Gillian, our walks generally start at in the morning so depending on how close to Newton Stewart or Stranraer the walk start is we're usually meeting in car parks between 9am and 9.30. Most of our walks will finish sometime mid afternoon, preferably before the cafes close. Home time is usually somewhere between 4 and 5pm.
    Occasionally we'll finish (as we'll do on a walk soon) with a meal at a pub, which adds a little bit extra time on
    I guess the answer to your question then is..................yes.


Thanks for all your comments. I may not get to reply to them all, but you may be sure they'll be appreciated.

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