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Friday, 2 August 2013

The Stranraer Show 2013

On Wednesday the 31st of July 2013 I attended the annual Stranraer Show hosted by the Stranraer and the Rhins of Galloway Agricultural Society. Facebook
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My 2010 Post

I didn't get to see all that was going on, but here's some of the stuff I did.

Well, the penny's finally clicked, it's taken a few years. The reason for so many farms in Galloway having the name 'Aries' somewhere in the title comes from 'Ovis Aries' meaning......................SHEEP !
So, upon entering the show by the Ladies Road entrance the first thing that's on show are the various breeds of sheep. I spotted the champion blackface breeder from Cuil, I wonder did he win anything today ?

The judges are closely scrutinizing the entrants.

Moving on, the tractors from the Glenluce Rally were on show.
There'll be a video later in the post.

The Belted Galloways were looking smart.

Judging in progress. Most cattle breeds are on show.

The cattle top left of the above collage were winners. You get your cheese from them, they're part of the 'Milkmaid's' herd.

Well, talk of the devil !

This young man and his young steers were also winners.

I didn't think anyone used Bebo anymore

Beyond the main arena on the London road side was all the equine activity.  
There were some fine looking steeds of all shapes and sizes.

A competitor with mum looking on awaits her turn in the showground.

 There are many riding schools and stables throughout Galloway so I'd guess the competition is very competitive.

Newton Stewart's very own riding school.

It was around now that the Glenluce Tractor Rally took to the field.
The commentary was as entertaining as the tractors.

As much agricultural machinery as you can shake a stick at on show.

Crafts, fare and foods were plentiful in the marquees. I missed the cookery demonstration.
(I also missed quite a few activities from earlier in the day. Maybe I'll psyche myself up for a full day one of these years)

Back at the cattle enclosure they were still competing.

I wandered back up to the main arena to see this juggernaut entering.
The announcer was welcoming the Bolddog FMX Display Team 

I guessed this would be a take off ramp...................

.......................while this might be for landing.

There's three riders in today's team.

With a microphone built into his helmet, Dan Whitby the team manager and the UK's number one 4 stroke FMX rider gives the crowd an insight into freestyle motocross.

Once it's all set up they do a welcoming circuit before taking to the jumps.

All throughout the show Dan talks continuously describing to the crowd what he’s experiencing as he flies 40ft in the air while performing a trick.

I'm a busy body taking video and pictures all the time. At least I got to see it all again as I edited the photographs and videos.
The sport setting on my new camera looks like it does the job well enough. There now follows a number of action shots. If by any chance anyone re-uses them make sure I get the credit.......or I'll sue !

Here's the videos

This next one is just a few of the stills I joined up to music.

It stayed fair but turned a little cooler so I missed the parade of champions, but it was a really enjoyable outing.
I hope the weather stays good for Wigtown next week, it's time they had a dry one.


  1. Sheep...wool...knitting... happy : )

    Crazy guy on the bike, but bet the world looks a lot different when you can do something like that for your party trick!

  2. Have just been catching up on your posts Jim, which as you know I always enjoy.
    Some terrific action shots in this post! I see there's no evidence of any 'bos indicus', but along with the '...aries', there's some fine looking 'bos taurus' ;)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I've seen some of your creations on your posts Eliza and they're nearly always happy creatures. I do believe that most Scottish Wool goes south so maybe some of this will end up on the end of your needles.

    Hi Rose, lovely to see you.
    Regarding the 'Indicus' and Taurus' I don't think there's much cross breeding goes on in Scotland. I do remember seeing some Zebu cattle a few years ago on a visit to the south of England. There are some specialist breeders around.
    Have a look at This Picture I took a few years ago.

  4. Wow, that guy on the! Love this series, the animals are beautiful.

  5. Some great pictures Jim. Interesting to see that guy on the bike so high up in the air when Eddie Kidd has been in the papers recently. Stunts like that can so easily go wrong in a second although the safety checks and protective equipment these days is presumably better.

  6. I followed the photo link Jim, and that is a superb example of 'taurus'/'indicus' cross!
    The 'indicus' specifically Brahman did unbelievably well in the cold and wilds of Tasmania much to a lot of farmers surprise. But we were quite willing to experiment and built up a handsome herd of 'Brangus'.

  7. Thanks Linda, back a few years ago it would only have been livestock at these shows.

    The main rider was limping Bob so I guess he's come off sometime recently.

    Till you mentioned it Rose, I was completely in the dark about Indicus or Zebu, I'll remember now.


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