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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Wheelie Good Bike Show - Newton Stewart - August 2013

Sunday the 4th of August
I'm usually on my travels at this time of year. That's the reason that although this is the 3rd Wheelie Good Bike Show it's my first.
It's late morning as I head down the town. It's very quiet with only a few bikes around.
I should have read the timetable.

Moving into Victoria Street it still looks quiet, but there's some activity.
Douglas the Magic Clown is talking to those lovely ladies at Totally Polished  

Around half a dozen bikes are parked up here and there.

The Rotary Club of Newton Stewart are waiting for word that the ride in from New Galloway is underway.
I'm sure I was walking with the big fella yesterday..........oh yes, it's Shorty.

I handed over a small donation for a sticker.

Every now and again a few bikers not on the 'Ride In' appear. They either then park up to wait or have a little tour of our town.

The barriers closing off Victoria Street are just outside the Galloway Arms Hotel
An AJS (A.J.Stevens and Co.) comes through. This looks 1950's to me ? 

Douglas's ballon bike seems to have a few more attachments now.

Still the odd few bikes arrive.

There are now a few more people coming out onto the street.

I get myself positioned on Creebridge, we've heard the riders have left New Galloway.
There's less than fifty booked for the ride in, the organizers are hoping the good weather will increase that.

I've set my video camera up to film it as well as take pictures.
Here we go then.

Here's the video of the ride over Creebridge
It didn't take me long to realize that there were many more bikes coming over the bridge than fifty.

While the recorder was running I had my camera on the sports setting.
The next bunch of pictures are a few of those I took.

Bikes of all makes shapes and sizes poured into the town as the local people came out in force.

Time for me to get filming again. Now the procession 'Park' their bikes.
In the opening titles of both video clips I've erred by calling it Wheely instead of Wheelie. 
Alright, I'm just a bloke !

Now for the next long while I just took pictures. I took so many that my camera battery ran down.
No problem though, I put my small Fuji to use.
So, the next forty pictures will have very little explanation apart from the odd quip. 

Lot's of trikes

I should have taken more pictures of bike adornments.

Real bikers !

Now here's a really bright clean machine...............

.......................the number plate is personalized, this is the lovely Mrs Ord.

Camera's much more professional than mine were out in force.

I get to say a quick hi to friends and neighbours but I seem to be more interested in taking pictures. I really should be more sociable.

Local shops enjoyed the increased trade.

Young visitors were treated to sitting on some mean machines

At the Rotary Stand they were busy with a 'find the prize' raffle...........

.......Douglas's balloon motorbike has pride of place

I'm almost sure this fella didn't ride in from New Galloway.

And the Rotary volunteers are still busy
(This year's event raised £922.88 from street collections, and a further £710 from the ride-in.) See more at:

Now I'm heading down the Riverside
The Cree flows gently.

There's a few stalls and a pool for kids to roll around in a big ball. I believe the organizing committee are hoping for more bike related stalls to come forward next year.

I had a great time at my first Wheelie Good Bike Show 
I believe the number of bikes eventually turning up was in excess of 240.
Thank you Newton Stewart for being a great place to live.


  1. Love all the bikes. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and I just love seeing all the shop windows!!! I keep forgetting that you use the term "take away" in Europe. Here in Canada and the U.S. we use the term "take out". I especially enjoyed this post as I had the opportunity to see the various shops. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Jim, I sure love motorcycles & I'd probably own one except that Calgary streets are to dangerous for me drive one safely! However someday I may get an off road four stroke just for Sunday drives..

    Nice post Jim.


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