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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Wigtown Show 2013

Last week was the Stranraer Show, this week Wednesday the 7th of August it's the turn of 

There's a fair turn out as I'm parked way high up a field at the back of the show.
As I head down to the show I've decided I'll only photograph and film anything that's out of the ordinary.
That nearly worked !

The first area I pass through is the livestock and these magnificent Belted Galloways

Moving round, Slaters Showtime Funfair have the usual Miami ride as busy as always.

The champion of champions parade is about to get underway in the ring.

Now I do see a sign for the unusual !

Tiny goats bred by Dumfries and Galloway breeder Thomas Masterton.

This ones's about the size of a tomcat.

The adults are about the size of Border Collies.

Moving on I look through the marquees. There's weaving, crafts, all manner of foodstuffs and Scottish Dancing happening.
I carry on till I find another very interesting stall.
It's Owl Magic from Kilmarnock

I get talking to the staff and the owner Davie who gives me the go ahead to take pictures.
It's a busy stall where you can have your photograph taken with the birds and they'll print them as you wait.
These lads and their parents were happy for me to take their pictures.
They're also on Facebook at Owl - Magic Facebook

I loved taking the pictures of these beautiful birds.
I only got the name of one who's picture is further along but should anyone want to match the birds to a name then 'Meet Our Owls' is the page for you.

Enjoy the next twenty pictures.

This is Bailey

The last of the owl pictures.
(This cuddly looking fella reminds me of an episode of Star Trek - The Trouble with Tribbles)

I was reluctant to leave the owls but thought I'd better see more of what was on offer. 
I seem to have met lots of folk I know today, meanwhile back in the ring....................

...................................the Parade of Champions was getting organized.

This is the scarecrow competition outside the poultry marquee.

While inside................

..................there are birds of all shapes and sizes

Now this looks a somewhat similar rig to what Bolddog had at Stranraer last week.

It's the UKFMX team. That's Gary in the driver's seat. He's the boss as well as the commentator. In his thirties he reckons he's just about broken every bone he's got at one time or another.

They've had to bring in reinforcements for today's show, two of their own riders are recovering after running into each other at training.

So the show get's under way.

A run around the ring to warm up.

The jumping starts.

Just like at Stranraer, I took some video and photographs.
The riders are soon high in the air.

To begin with they do a number of straightforward jumps.

As the ramps get pulled further apart they start doing aerial stunts.

Two bikes in the air together concludes a show that had the crowd oohing and ahhing. 
(There was a fall by one of the riders on landing, but nothing too serious and he was soon up and jumping again.)

Here's the video clip.
After a lap of honour there was a chance to get pictures with the riders.

After passing the time of day with the 'Milkmaid' who was having a rare day off I headed home.
Another very entertaining day out. 


  1. fun to see all your photos.
    i have never seen cows colored, striped like that. interesting.

    and the owls, yeha, loved seeing each of them!

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, that is some show! I love all the animals here! And the motorcyclists had me at the edge of my seat.

  3. all great pics--love the owls--i love birds anyway but the owls are one of my favorites!


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