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Monday, 26 August 2013

Weekend Memories - August 2013

No Wigtownshire Ramblers for me this weekend. The walk though can be viewed on the Ayrshire blogger's pages. 

My two youngest daughters Sarah and Marie, aka Sez and Maz came to visit me for a few days this bank holiday weekend. The weather was great and we packed a lot in.
Here's a few photographs of the weekend.

Friday 23rd August

Cairn Holy

Llamas near Glenterry

Next group of pictures from Kirkcudbright

Nun Mill Bay

Carrick Shore

Tree House near Lennox Plunton

Gatehouse of Fleet

Cambret Hill

Saturday 24th of August

Glenluce Viaduct

Killantringan Lighthouse

Next group of pictures from Portpatrick and a walk to Sandeel Bay, Port Mora. 

We were going to dine in Portpatrick, but headed out to Sandhead instead.

Wonderful food at the Tigh Na Mara


Sunday 25th August

Galloway Forest Park, the Queensway

Waterfall on the Grey Mare's Tail Burn

The Eye

Wild Goat Park

Thanks for a wonderful weekend my darling daughters.


  1. You've fairly traversed the county over the weekend.

    I had to outside and look just now to see where your photo on the High Street was taken. The yellow lines puzzled me but you're a lot further up than I thought.

    I've seen those face in the dyke in the Galloway Forest Park on other peoples blogs - I must try and find them myself someday.

  2. Absolutely magical! Love this tour.

  3. wow, looks like you all are having a fun fun summer. lots of exploring, adventure and smiles.

  4. Looks like you all had a great time Jim. Some lovely photographs there.
    Noticed the one taken in the bar seemed to be backward or reversed judging from the writing on the two books. Through a mirror perhaps?

  5. Hello Jim,
    WOW some beautiful and creative photos in this selection! You can't half tell how delighted you were to have two of your girls visiting!
    A sweet visit me-thinks!
    When you plan to visit Cairns (when, not if) ensure it's our winter time - summer in the far north tropics is cruel! Certainly not sympathetic for walks and sightseeing. Come in winter and I'll show you around the Tablelands!
    Hope your week is going well too, and now I have some catching up to do on your previous posts, I've missed a bit! :)

  6. Lovely photos Jim, I'm glad you had a nice time with your daughters. Well looks like we are near September, another season on its way! Have a great weekend! : )

  7. Never get tired of looking at your photos Jim, looks like you all had a great time xx


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