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Monday, 2 September 2013

Following on from 'Weekend Memories' there's more 'Family Fun'

The day after my twin daughters went home, my eldest daughter and my two eldest grandkids arrived.
I just find it hard to believe that after just a few months they're bigger than when I last saw them.
Tempus Fugit ! 

Our first day out then was Tuesday the 27th of August.
One of Callum and Erin's favourite spots in Galloway is Carrick Shore and that's where we headed.

A stranded jelly fish, I wonder why there's been so many this year.

Although the tide was coming in Callum and myself managed a quick foot on Ardwall Island.

It's a nice dry day, but perhaps not as warm as it has been.

These two are having a great time.

Lynn tells me these are Wall Brown butterflies, after consulting my book I concur. (Not that I ever doubted you sweetheart)

After seeing no red squirrels in Cally Wood, we head into Gatehouse of Fleet where we see this intriguing banner. Is there anyone out there who can explain it. Is this really a 500 year project ?
( I've just discovered that this was a part of the Environmental Art Festival of Scotland and acorns will have been handed out to grow the oak trees for the roof beams, hence the 500 years) 

Refreshments were had at the Mill on the Fleet.

We next took a drive round Laurieston and New Galloway. We did eventually get a quick glimpse of one red kite. Usually you can't fail to see them, but it might have been the time of day when they're at rest.

We were disappointed to find the Clatteringshaws Visitors Centre closed, but I'd forgotten it was closed for refurbishment. I believe it just opened again on Saturday.
There was plenty of fun to be had under the dam however. I don't know how this pair can defy gravity !

There was more water gushing out than there was at the weekend.

A quick look at the Red Deer park before calling it a day.

Wednesday the 28th of August
Today we're heading west and one of my favourite spots.
Here's my post from my last visit to Garheugh Rocks.
I've since learned they're pronounced Garky Rocks.
It's a challenge for Callum and Erin.

They're soon off exploring. Sadly they were unable to explore any of the caves because of heavy summer undergrowth around the entrances. You'll have to come back in the winter kids.

A lone inquisitive seal keeps giving us the eye.

I get the joy of photographing a Golden-Ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii)

There's lots of colour in the pools.

Since they were very small these two have loved climbing. Maybe they should start thinking about mountain climbing as a sport.

Perfect symmetry among the rocks creates excitement. I zoom in to the light bouy, and a rock man gets built.

The rock top left above has made it's way south. Rubbing your cheek with smooth edge was like feeling satin. Garheugh Rocks have a magical quality.

As it cools a little we head across to the opposite shore and over to Sandhead.
There's some kite buggying happening to the north.

Is this the same wagtail from the weekend?
The tide is on the way in. Lugworm coiled castings will soon be washed away. The Frisbee comes into play.

Time for a swim. I often try out the 'Sport' setting on my camera. I haven't fully mastered it, but depending on the shutter press it'll some times take a rapid sequence of pictures. Top left caught Erin in full flight.
A picture of Callum on Facebook prompted the response that he had a 'Majestic Stride'

After the swim we headed over to Portpatrick. 
Plenty of noisy birds around.

Coastal holiday resort birds rely so much on humans these days. Ever had a chip or a piece of fish stolen ?

Like I said about the climbing !

I've a feeling that he'll get up to the cliff path the next time.
We dined in the Harbour House, very nice grub.
Ailsa Craig stood proud above Loch Ryan as we headed home after a very enjoyable day.

Thursday the 29th of August
A late start today. I'd intended us to go to Kirkcudbright's Scottish Night, but of course it finishes with the Tattoo which was last Saturday. I should remember these things.
We headed down to Galloway House and Gardens.

There's still plenty of colour, but Autumn's just around the corner.

I guess the leaves on the Handkerchief Tree turn a more bland colour as the summer wears on. I couldn't be sure if I had the right one.

Here's a Red Admiral.

Oystercatchers on Rigg Bay.
We do hear Curlews, but nothing like Last November with Sarah and Marie.

An experiment with black and white in a rock pool.

We've covered some coast over three days.

Too late in the day to hire mountain bikes at the Brake Pad at Kirroughtree so we went to take a look at McMoab instead.
There's a few hundred video clips on Youtube 

Climbing is definitely in their blood, never a hesitation.

A stop at the Queen Mary Bridge concludes the day.We all got a wish by some excellent pebble dropping. 
 It won't be long till Erin gets taller than her mum. I think Callum will get well above his dad. I heard on the news this morning that all Europeans are growing taller.

And I've stolen this picture to conclude this post.

Lovely to see you guys. Had a great time with you as always.


  1. The last photo must sum up their visit for you, perhaps you could caption it "One Proud Grandfather".

  2. They shouldn't have been bored for a second with a day like that Jim. So many entertaining highlights in one trip. Hopefully it might instil a lifelong interest in nature as it's the gift that keeps on giving... and it's free!

  3. You have been beautifully spoilt Jim, and your blog provides a living memory of these cherished visits with your children and grandies.
    What a treat with the photos you selected to post - family memories to treasure and, creative photography!
    I enjoyed your family posts very much.
    Have a great week!

  4. PS: If absolutely pushed to choose a favourite in Forest and Woodland it would be (82) :)

  5. What a glorious tour!!! That seagull looks as if it is the dominant one. The noisiest ones usually are. :)

  6. You're right Gordon, I'm really proud of them.

    They absolutely love coming up here Bob, boredom doesn't have a place when they're visiting.

    Thanks Rose, I enjoyed their visits. That was a magical moonlit night when I took that night picture.

    That seagull Linda, ate one of my potato chips down in Redcliffe Bay, Brisbane in 2003..........well it looks the same one anyway ha ha

  7. Another great tour of the area.
    I didn't see the Tattoo either, I was out visiting but I did see the fireworks at the end from much nearer than those in the harbour square - I was almost underneath them. Very spectacular.


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