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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A ten year old clip for Halloween

This is a clip taken on the Manhattan subway in 2003.
The star of the show is my grandson Callum. Two of his aunts sit either side and his sister and mum are both briefly glimpsed. 
He's almost fifteen now.
I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it again.

Nothing fazes him these days.


  1. Callum is adorable! I almost jumped at the end. LOL! :)

  2. I'm sure there are scarier things than that lurking in the New York Subway Jim:0) Nice video but I don't open the door on Halloween now after one wee boy looked at my offered chocolate bar and orange and said " **** that! Where's the money?" He then kicked my gate on the way out.
    Maybe things are different outside of the cities.

  3. What a sweetie ~ i did jump at the end! Always fall for things like that ;)


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