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Friday, 25 October 2013

The Water of Minnoch - Roman Brig

Thursday the 24th of October........
was to be the only dry day of the week. 
I thought I'd make the most of it.
Drove up to Clachaneasy turned into the Galloway Forest Park
and parked up at Brigton Woods. I'm heading up to the Water of Minnoch.

There was still quite a bit of low lying mist around.

The damp vegetation shows masses of spiders webs on trees and grass.
These are sheet webs and the majority are made by the Linyphiidae family of spiders.

The dew still hangs heavy. Dewdrops make great pictures.

I've reached the riverside path.

There's a copious flow on the river.

More evidence of the Linyphia triangularis

The river looks colourful through the autumn leaves.

River bend at Drumsuir.

More felling due to larch disease perhaps.

The bracken's taking it's time to die off this year.
It looks a bit like a rain forest in places.

Only the occasional ripple from pond life disturbed the reflections in this pool.

Another reflection.

Th Old Bridge of Minnoch also known as the Roman Bridge.
Canmore and Scotland's Places state "A 17th or 18th century bridge locally alleged to be Roman. A pack horse bridge without parapets". Among local people the Roman theory is thought to mean Romany since many gypsies used to frequent the area.

Larg Hill, downstream and upstream.
I've been here with the ramblers, but I also did this Walk in 2008

Here's a member of the Tipulidae Sensu Stricto family or to us lay people a Daddy Longlegs, the Crane Fly.

I took some video which I've uploaded to Youtube

The accompanying music's by Callum Butler 

What an enjoyable walk. 
(Although i'm disappointed that I didn't get the camera pointing at the Merlin quick enough)


  1. That's an interesting bridge though you'd have to be pretty sure of your pack horse to be driving it over that.

  2. I've never been able to get a decent snap of a Merlin, Hobby or a Jay. Far too fast and wary. As well as small birds Hobby and Merlin both catch dragonflies and bats on the wing apparently. Only raptors to feed on them as a sizable part of their in-flight menu. Seen it on the telly last week.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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