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Saturday, 7 December 2013

From Sunny Florida to Ice Cold Memphis

Hello readers. Firstly, my apologies for the unprofessional layout of these rushed uploads, I should have fetched my laptop, uploading would have been easier.
The images uploading below will be a hotchpotch of my drive up, my visit to Sun Studios, my visit to Graceland and a few frosty pictures.
I took a lot of pictures in Graceland and I'll be doing a comprehensive post sometime in the future. Apologies to for negecting your own pages, I just haven't had the time. I will catch up.
Thanks for sticking with me this trip.
It aint half a caper !
This will be the last post from America, too much trouble.


  1. Wow, this was an extremely enjoyable tour! Love the photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Didn't know Roy O did a singing cowboy film Jim. No wonder he hid behind those dark glasses!

  3. You've been on a bit of a roller coaster with the weather. I look forward to seeing a great pile of American posts over the coming weeks.

    Safe trip back (hopefully you've got a bit more holiday first)


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Morning deer
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