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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wigtownshire Ramblers New Luce January 2014

25th January 2014
Got up feeling fairly rough this morning. As well as my IBS still not settled, I must have slept awkward and my back was hurting. Strong coffee and my prescription drugs soon got me on a level plane.
The weather forecast gives heavy showers and occasional sunny spells. 
Today's walk is being led by the 'Musician', so I'm going along.
It's an amalgam of previous walks.
The 'Musicians' report will follow the pictures.

The Trysts - Gowk Nest Wood, Lagafater, Bloody Wiel and Black Pot. I've yet to log the 5th name and I can't find it on the net. Anyone know it ?

I'm only using my little camera again. We're now heading east towards Kilhern Farm, it's farther than I remember. There's no let up in the weather but at least it's on our backs at the moment.

At Kilhern farm I looked up at the pump house but couldn't find the old well. It's there somewhere, I found it in 2008
The old farm at Kilhern is even more dilapidated since we were last here. The 'Farmer' remembers this as a working farm. From here we turned north into the sharp hailstones. 

The fence climb taking us to the Caves of Kilhern

Memories of a much nicer day at the Caves

A muddy gateway.

 The picture above is a study of dimensions. How tall is 'Shorty' ? Is the walker to his left really as small as his rucksack ? Does his rucksack double as a TARDIS ?

Back on to tarmac just below Dranigower.
On reaching the bridge over the Cross Water of Luce to the Loups of Barnshangan waterfall, a few walkers decided to forego the second half of the walk. As my drugs were wearing off, I didn't need much persuading, my back was giving me stick.

Here are the other 'Copper Outers'.
Meanwhile, the remaining walkers crossed over and lunched by the waterfall.

Thanks to 'Miss Goodnight' for the rest of the pictures.
Loups of Barnshangan


The brolly's no longer required (yet)

Near the Knockibae Lead Mines.

I felt a little guilty at not having completed the walk, but once I got back home I realized I'd done the right thing. I did little the rest of the day except rest.  

The 'Musician' coped brilliantly leading her first walk in such adverse weather.
Here's her report. 
Wigtownshire Ramblers
Saturday 25th January 2014
Today's walk was a 7 and a half mile circular round New Luce,over moorland and fields.
There were twenty-one intrepid ramblers who met in pouring rain at the village hall in New Luce. Very kindly the facilities at the hall were made available for our use. Due to the weather we started the walk on the road south to the Southern Upland Way track. On the way we looked at one of the trysts, one of the artworks by Matt Baker and assistant Jo Warner. From Cruise we walked easterly uphill on the Southern Upland way which was more like a burn due to the phenomenal amount of rain recently. Various muddy areas were negotiated with good humour and Kilhern ruins and then the Caves of Kilhern were reached. These caves are chambered burial cairns made 4000-5000 years ago, four of them, the northern chamber having a capstone.
As we were coping with hail showers and gusts of wind we postponed our lunch-break until we had more shelter. We crossed fields down to the river across the narrow old bridge and sat on banking above the waterfalls. Miraculously the sun came out and we enjoyed our picnic under a blue sky. We then continued on a stone track from Barnshangan farm signposted for the disused lead-mines originally working in the 18th century. We spent a short time exploring this area and then after trudging across sodden fields and along muddy tracks towards Knockiebae we had another drenching as the next deluge arrived. We then managed the final one and a half miles on tarmac back to New Luce. The village pub was shut for owners holidays so we drove to the County Golf Club for our welcome refreshments in the dry and of course talked of our enjoyable walk.

The next walk, on Saturday the 1st of February is an 11 mile figure of eight B- walk around Loch Goosey.
Meet for car sharing at the Breastworks Car Park, Stranraer at 09.00 am, the Riverside, Newton Stewart at 09.30 am. or the walk start at the Forest Road entrance on the A714, map ref NX295810, (after Creeside Farm but before Eldrick Kennels and Cattery). New members are always welcome.  If going to the walk start or for more information, contact walk leader on 01671 401222.


  1. I've been told that the feature I'm missing on the Main Water Tryst is called Ghost Stone Howe. Thanks for that C, you're a gem.

  2. Nice photos. I think I would have just stayed in bed Jim given the forecast. Cant beat prescription drugs though... I always look forward to them if I'm ill :)

  3. Gosh Jim, hope you're feeling much better?

  4. Hi Bob, I should have stayed in bed that morning. It's taken me a few days to recover. There are a few medicines I quite enjoy taking. Remember when Guinness was prescribed ?
    I'm feeling much better now Rose thanks.

  5. So glad you are feeling better, Jim! Your photos, as always, are beautiful!


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