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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Camera, camera, camera!

So, I've got three old cameras that I've never traded in. I'm only ever offered peanuts anyway. 
The Fuji's past it and of the two Canons, one's a scratched lens and the other's about kaput.
So I'm wondering whether to dump them or hang on to them for nostalgic reasons. 
Looking at the two Canons, the idea of a lens swap entered my head.
(I'd been told by Canon that the whole telescopic unit would need to be changed, and at a price that could buy a new camera) 
Of course what I'm not noticing at this moment is that one says Canon Zoom Lens 35 and the other says  Canon Zoom Lens 20.
No worries though, I get myself a screwdriver and prise off the outer ring on the SX40. This gets me into the next section which holds the outer lens. There are three minute screws here to unscrew, so I get my micro screwdriver set out and carefully unscrew them. Now I have to prise three clips out that hold the lens in place. It's also filled with a strong clear glue, I'm not bothered about that. The last rubber ring comes out and I've got the lens out. It's about quarter of an inch thick and is double concave (I think that's technically right).
 I repeat this operation with the SX10, and hey, the lens look alike ! ha ha.
Right, here we go, I've more glue to work out before I can get the clean lens in. The tiny screws were murder, but after half a dozen attempts they were in. Now for the outer ring, why wont it clip in. 
( This reminds  of a precision engineering joke. An instrument engineer working with Nasa was telling a group of Irish navvies about the intricacies of his job, and how he had to work with micro millimetre tolerances, then he asked them what measurement deviations they were allowed in their job. Straight away the gaffer spoke up with the line "There's no allowances with these boyos sir, if they're not spot on they're out of a job" )
I'm going to have to glue the outer ring on, it wont clip. I've glued it and allowed the weight of the camera to sit on the lens for it to set.
Glued on lens
So it sets and It's time to try it out. It's fine for a straight picture, but as soon as I zoom I'm into blurred territory. I'm thinking I haven't quite got it precisely in place, so another gluing takes place.  
I've left it overnight to set, but in the morning it's just the same. It's about now I read the technical dimensions on the outer rings. Was that a waste of time ????
Well,! I know it'll take an un-zoomed picture, maybe it'll do macro ?.

I'll start with a couple of things from my junk tin.  
A 30 mm watch

A 12 mm badge backing.
Those look OK, I'll head out round the garden and Blairmount and see if I've a camera worth keeping.

The next ten pictures therefore were taken with the hybrid camera. 

I think I'll keep it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday the 9th of April

Today I'm out for a walk, but it's a bit overcast and showery so all I have with me is my Pentax.
Above is a leaf of sorrel or what we used to call in Fife, 'Souricks'

It's very tasty. (I had an electric shave last night, so never bothered to shave this morning, sorry !)  

Close shots in dull weather come out fine.

The more zoom, the more grain. Spot the wee bird anyone ?

The microscopic setting is good..................... long as I can hold the camera steady. This creature was around 10mm long.
I haven't got a very steady hand anymore.

(I've sharpened this image a little)
Lots of these creatures on cattle dung.
These would be around 12 to 14 mm.

Dying fungi.
A correction from a pal who's an indisputable expert in these matters, this is living lichen !!

Dewdrops on grass.

More dying fungi.

Fluffy catkins.

A wee beastie.

It's been lambing season in Galloway.

The zoom on the Pentax is limited, and with no eyepiece I've a job seeing things on the LCD screen.
Lots of buzzards I couldn't get today.
Seems to be OK for wet days though.

I'm heading home along the disused 'Paddy Line', Cairnsmore of Fleet has it's hat on.

If the resubmitted plans (when they go in) are given the OK, this view will be obscured by a supermarket.
If we must get another supermarket, then lets hope it's an Asda, much friendlier than Tesco.

I'll leave you to puzzle this out.


  1. Bugger! Some of those close ups, like the blackthorn flowers and catkins, I've just downloaded onto my own computer two days ago. I was thinking "better post these fast before Jim does." Sell that camera! Think that first wee beastie might be a young stonefly. I love those orange cowpat flies, like wee shit eating teddy bears. On a completely different topic nobody mention a certain team from Fife :o)

    1. Cheers Bob, no mention of a team from Fife though, mine played at Bayview Park !

  2. I love these nature photos, and that watch is fantastic!

  3. Well done you Jim. Loving the macro shots, especially the blossom. I regularly get blurry images from camera shake, not good lol

    1. Isn't the blossom absolutely brilliant this year Ruthie, I see you couldn't resist it either. When I need to stretch for shots, I'll take half a dozen and hope at least one has clarity. I need to do more upper body exercise I think.

  4. The watch goes back many a year Linda, I should take more care of it.


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Morning deer
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