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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Creetown to Newton Stewart with the Wigtown Walks and Talks April 2014

Tuesday the 29th of April
On a beautiful morning, I joined the Wigtown Walks and Talks group at Dashwood Square to catch a bus to Creetown to walk back along the railway walk back to Newton Stewart.
Not quite as long as when I did it with the ramblers a few weeks ago.
Here's a few of the pictures I took.
Tractor on part of the old A75

A goat at Spittal Farm

Wild flowers, walkers, a tired lamb and a group of bovine ladies.

You may be able to pick out a red squirrel above, I can't ! (I did see it leaping from branch to branch though)

Everywhere wild flowers are blossoming.

My memory is terrible !!

Otherwise why would I have to look up 'Forget me not'

Arriving at Cuil

Towards Strathmaddie.

Bluebell and Tortoiseshell. 

Large White Butterfly and the Old Bridge of Palnure.

Beautifully clear Palnure burn.
(We saw small trout)

I may not get to this.

Lambs, Mouse Ear Chickweed and ?

More colour through Stronord.

Wombles and Welsh or Horned Poppy.

A cargo bike at Kirroughtree Brake Pad.

On yer bike !

Not surfboards, they'd sink at Bondi. They're concrete and must be fairly new. I'm not entirely sure what they depict ?
Just found out in the local paper what these are. They are some of the Rosnes Benches allowing folk to tune into the natural world. I'll be out some night lying on them watching the stars.
More information on their web pages at 

Downhill towards Blackcraig as a buzzard circles overhead.

Pods and Periwinkle.

Passing Blackraig.

Welcome sign.

Homeward Bound.
Even the grass verges are brightly coloured.

I'll finish this post with three workers.
Collecting nectar.

Chimney stack repair.

Mr Hughes ? Hedgetrimming.

A cracking walk in the sunshine.


  1. Jim, you get to walk in such gorgeous places! The goat is sweet and all the views are captivating.

  2. wow jim wonderful pics today---i have never seen a red squirrel and that butterfly---gorgeous and the pic of the flower with the bee--out-standing eye!

  3. It looks a beautiful day - crisp and clear. Hedgetrimmers are true artists in my books. Squirrel: far right, middle.
    Enjoy your week Jim!

  4. Some great photos Jim. That buzzard had unusually vivid wing markings and I've seen one recently with a snowy white head and undercarriage around my area stretching from wing tip to wing tip. Weird looking bird. Must be a lot of colour variation in buzzards.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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