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Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Penwhirn Reservoir, Pheasants and the Rural Mural Project

24th of April 2014
A trip to Stranraer today saw me returning via the back road to New Luce.

The Penwhirn Reservoir

Last time I was over here was with my twin daughters and we watched two workmen in the rain.
It's a much nicer day today.

The seagulls have taken up residence.

The majority of the upgrade appears to have been completed.

So, lets read the small print then !
That's fine, I know the do's and don't's so I'll take a walk.
(Should you like to read this notice, right click and 'Open link in new tab', then click on the picture. Spot the typographical errors !) 

I have this feeling that walking around here will become a popular leisure activity on sunny days.

There's pedestrian access to the dam wall. Close the gate behind you.

Look over at this outlet.

Zoom in to make an interesting picture. Doesn't necessary look like running water.

A clear tube for measuring something I'd expect.

Plenty of seagulls on the wall.

Zoom in for a close up. There's going to be a build up of guano I expect.

The view east.

The arty centre platform.

The landscaping's not quite finished and there's some scaffolding still up, but it's looking good.

Zooming to the far side I see there's more than seagulls here.

View back as I begin to descend the lower path.

It's a controlled drop for the water to the lower levels.

No paths beyond this point.

This downfall looks really pretty.......

...............It's worth zooming in.

The otters will love this place. 

Maybe I should have taken an HDRI (High-dynamic-range imaging) photo of the waterfall.

My last picture here as I climbed back up the path.


Back in my car, I've not gone far before I spot two pheasants eyeballing each other.
I was too late getting my camera to picture the two of them together, but I thought this fella above had won the argument as the other cock was walking away. 

When I zoomed in on the other though he was getting more plumped up and ruffled.

..................and his colour was stunning.

It was only after seeing the hen crossing I realized that the pompous stalker was the winner, he got the girl !

The Rural Mural

On my way home I pulled into East Knockbrex to photograph this colourful old barn.

It's D & G's Spring Fling................ 
..............and they've joined forces with Glasgow based street art collective Recoat to produce Spring Fling Rural Mural (SFRM). I think that might be Tintin above.

Is this Gulliver ?

This is the view that's been in the local press because it was the first side to be painted I think.

Lovely to see the swallows back.
It's been a pleasant outing today.


  1. What a fun post with so many breathtaking captures!!! I do like seagulls, although some find them to be a nuisance. Personally, I think they are intelligent, pretty and entertaining. :)

    1. Thanks Linda, there's no denying seagulls are clever, they'll always get a meal.

  2. The murals certainly makes it colourful. Like the deep rich quality of the downfall
    water- looks like it should be in bottles and hip flasks. Is it peat or copper/iron?

    1. I would guess it's peat Bob. The only thing close is moor.........oh ! and a disused practise bombing range.

  3. Thanks for this post, I shall have to take Mr O to the resevoir, he loves places like that. I haven't seen any of teh urals yet, must make a point of getting round to it though, they are pretty impressive!

    1. Hi Ruthie, I would think that once the Stranraer folk get wind that it's completed it'll become a popular spot.

  4. This was a winner for me Jim - seagulls and, construction!! Speaking of construction you've now inspired me to visit our Ross Dam and take CAM along. I haven't visited there for well over twenty years and its only 15 mins away by car. I visited my Ponds today and did a post - again, inspired by your Blairmount Pond! (I nearly typed Blairmore!)
    Enjoying your weekend I trust. :)

    1. I'll look forward to your Ross Dam post Rose. Maybe I'll do a South West Scotland 'Hydro' post sometime.

  5. I just HAD to return to have a another look at this engineering feat, and wondered if boating and recreation was permitted here.
    How I miss swallows - I've never seen them this far north.
    Oh, and typos - obviously the 'f' is kaput, along with the 'i' consistently malfunctioning, withthe little 'l' having a minor hiccup. :)

  6. At the moment there's only walking permitted Rose, but I've no doubt if walking visitors numbers go high the water board will think about other activities.


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