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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Walkfest - Coo Palaces Galore - Rainton and Fleet Bay - May 2014

Wednesday the 14th of May 2014
I'm Shorty's back up for today's Newton Stewart Walking Festival walk.
The walk is one we did with the Wigtownshire Ramblers back in August 2013
It also takes in parts of other walks we've done in this area.
Nineteen of us took the bus from Dashwood Square, Newton Stewart. Three more walkers joined us at the Cream O' Galloway making us a group of twenty two.

Shorty had arranged a tour of the Cream O' Galloway's new 'Coo Palace', and we were shown around by the very knowledgeable Sue who also described the implementation and procedure of this organic and environmentally friendly facility.

We're not long on the move before Shorty spotted this lamb on it's back.
He soon had it upright and it was soon reunited with it's mother.
(I wondered why the mother hadn't uprighted it ?). The same thing happened towards the end of the walk when another lamb was spotted on it's back. We've seen ewes on their back before, but never lambs. Is this a new development ?

This lady has a nice raised platform to look after her twins.

After a short stretch of road walking we were soon on the track to Plunton Castle where Shorty related what history he knew to the group..

I took a group photograph.

Approaching Rattra Farm.
The grass has grown since we recce'd this three weeks ago. 

 Rattra to Roberton.

Coo Palace also known as Corseyard Farm and Model Dairy, Castle Haven.
It's here on the Buildings at Risk webpage.
According to the local walkers who joined us at Rainton, it's been sold subject to planning being granted.
It's so unique it would be a national tragedy if it was allowed to collapse, lets hope the plans are good ones.

Lunch was taken at the Barlocco Bathing Hut, where a recent Beach Clean took place. 

Today's group are again a nice mixture. We've the folk from South Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and a few locals. 

After lunch Knockbrex House comes into view. The West Wing can be hired through Reid Country Retreats.
Great value for eight adults for a week.

A headstone by the harbour remembers 'Jeemes July 1893 and Squire Twist August 1893'
as 'Faithful Doggies'.

Rounding Knockbrex Harbour as bully protects his family.

At the turn of the 20th century the owner of the Knockbrex estate was James Brown, a wealthy Mancunian cloth merchant and chairman of the drapery firm Affleck and Brown.
It was he who had Coo Palace along with many other constructions built in the area.
He obviously loved to have all his creations castellated. 

Crossing the Carrick Shore road.

Boreland of Girthon Farm track.

A trek through Boreland Wood. The caravan's seen better days.

The sun gets to these walkers who now look like foreign legion deserters.
With headgear like this, any remake of Beau Hunks need look no further for the lead roles.

A short walk along the Sandgreen road and we again took to the fields.
We recross the Boreland burn via the 'Jungle Path', much easier now since Shorty got loose with the secateurs.

The last field back to the Cream O' Galloway.

The bus will wait until we've sampled the award winning ice cream.

A fitting end to an interesting and fun walk.
Tomorrow is the last day of the walk festival and I'll be along for another coastal walk.
Looking forward to it. See you all there. 


  1. I cant believe the number of large country estates you have down that way. That's a cosmopolitan crowd you had Jim and they seemed to get good weather for the walk.

  2. I think it all started back in Roman days Bob. Novantae was easily reached by sea and I guess they started dividing up the land. As the centuries passed the likes of Fergus, the Stairs, the Douglas's, the Stewarts and their ilk took their cut. The amount of demolished estates even exceed those still standing.


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