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Friday, 16 May 2014

Walkfest - Gull Craig to Brighouse Bay - May 2014

15th of May 2014
Apologies in advance if this post is short on information. I'll be busy later.
We're a group of twenty seven as the coach drops us off at Dhoon Bay, south of Kirkcudbright on the River Dee Estuary. Today's walk is being led by gallant members of the Galloway Mountain Rescue Team

Here's a rough outline of today's eight mile walk.

It's a colourful start as we walk through the woods above Goat Well Bay.

Rhododendrons are now in full blossom. Occasional obstacles have to be crossed.

A small detour takes us out to a viewpoint. Directly opposite is St Mary's Isle, a small peninsula jutting out south of Kirkcudbright.

The Scottish Bluebell or Harebell became an interesting topic for discussion. I am none the wiser !

Recent damp air has brought a profusion of wild garlic to fruition.

My fellow ramblers, the Teacher and the Ayrshire Blogger are on today's walk.

Here's an unusual tree.

We're in Senwick Wood which I believe is cared for by the Scottish Woodlands Trust.

Now we've reached the ruins of Senwick Church and Graveyard.

There's quite a few interesting headstones.

One very large monument stands out.
All the inscriptions on the headstones can be found on this webpage. Senwick Old Kirkyard

I was too busy talking to take pictures as we passed Balmangan Farm. 
It looks an ideal place for Solway View Wigwams.
Might make a great alternative to my spare bedroom for my extended family and friends from down south ?

Now we're heading into Ross Bay.

Across the bay our leader points out where we're heading.
All the way round today's walk, our back up leader has been narrating the history of the smugglers in the area.

Beyond the hamlet of Ross we say hello to these holidaymakers setting up their temporary home.

Looking back to Ross Bay.

Now we're on the Meikle Ross Peninsula overlooking Manor Point on Thunderhole Bay.

I zoom my camera onto Little Ross Island.

Someone spots this deer.

Now we're climbing to the highest point on the peninsula where we'll stop for lunch.

Beyond the island we get a glimpse of the Cumbrian coastline.
Though not in the pictures today, we also got great views of the Isle of Man.

I made sure today's walkers were a happy bunch before I took pictures.

These are the good folk from Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire.

The day was warm. Once again there was a good mix of people, we had folk from France too.
Before getting ready to set off our leader told us the story of the murder of the relief lighthouse keeper on Little Ross Island.
The best account of the story is the one by David R.Collin who with his father discovered the dead man.

In this group photograph our illustrious leader is second from the left.....................

.................and a cheery wave before we set off.

An undulating coast line takes us by Fauldbog Bay and Mull Point.

At first I thought this rocky pinnacle was a bird. Perhaps it's a petrified one !

The track now took us into Brighouse Bay where we heard the concluding chapter of the smugglers story.
Now waiting for the bus, the Teacher, the Ayrshire Blogger and the Farmer pose for this picture. 

For my last picture of the day I zoom across to the Brighouse Standing Stone. 
Back on the coach we head for Gatehouse of Fleet where we pick up the walkers from today's other hike.
That's the festival over for another year.
I've thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting up with festival regulars and new visitors.The weather was generally on our side.
I may well be leading an interesting walk next year. Watch this space.


  1. I loved every bit of this walk Jim, and I especially LOVE lighthouses, and would have enjoyed being part of this hike very much!

  2. Jim, what a fantastic walk! I could see myself with your group and enjoying every minute and view!

  3. Lovely woodlands Jim. Alex, myself and our old club used to go rock climbing at Meikle Ross every year as it was a suntrap under the sea cliffs there. A great peninsula. Brought back memories of the superb "Mellow Yellow" a classic VS.
    Glad you had a fine day for it.

  4. Thanks Rose, I remember seeing some nice lighthouses around Redcliffe and the Sunshine coast. I did not take enough photographs in Australia.

    I guess it's a bit different to Montreal Linda, though you too have some lovely parks for walking.

    Hi Bob, when I first moved up to Galloway, I saw quite a lot of rock climbing. Nowadays I hardly ever see any, is it a dying activity ?

  5. Nice picture of my boat, sail no RY 23, and thank you for the mention of my article on the murder at Little Ross!

  6. Thanks for the visit David. A smart looking boat, and a great eye witness account of the murder incident.


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Morning deer
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