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Monday, 23 June 2014

Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Monday June 16th
This post will have very little text and lots of pictures.
On my recent trip down to Gloucestershire and Wales we visited the WWT Slimbridge Wetlands Centre
Here's a few of the pictures and video I took.

Press to play a panorama

It's a fantastic place and well worth a visit.


  1. What a place Jim! I would have been in heaven!! Oh the ducks, the ducks, the ducks!

  2. Stunning array of waterfowl there Jim. Several unknown ducks and cranes! Always wanted to see them in the wild.

  3. I love the otters. We have a couple in our local wildlife park and they are highly entertaining. Your photos and colours within are so sharp. Love them.

    btw moved to a new home and a new face. Third time lucky!

  4. I never spotted any Ibis or Parrots Rose. No worries though we had ducks, ducks, ducks.................

    Cheers Bob, my highlights in the wild were albatross in New Zealand, wild turkey in Canada and of course fully developed golden eagles in Scotland.

    Thank's Cat, I'm led to believe that U.K otters are becoming more friendly in the company of people. I just wish they'd get the message to Scotland's South West, they're still very shy here.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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