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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cygnus update and other stuff. July 2014

I've been taking a few short walks this week.
Here's a few of the pictures I've taken.
Over on Blairmount Pond  the cygnet's are doing fine.

The ducks get short shrift from the swan parents if they get too close.

A chaffinch poses for a picture.

Flowers bloom in the gardens by the memorial to Randolph,9th Earl of Galloway.

A young family by the riverside.

This one goes walkabout.

Liz Niven poetry
summer cree

river traffic buzzes
mayfly, dragonfly, dipper
ripple-arc surfaces
swallows water-pattern weave
Japanese Knotweed
kimonos the earth

spring cree

Galloway greens again
the river silvered with
white eggs, sharp scent of cucumber
sweet vernal grass
vanillas air
hope buds like catkins

The riverside.

A wren at the Wood of Cree.

The Otter Pool
(That looks like a heron at the far end)

A long zoom gets the picture.

Too late to photograph the otter that put in a fleeting appearance.

A quiet pool by the burn at the Wood of Cree car park.

Zoomed in and enhanced, the Cumbrian Mountains from Baldoon.

Another full zoom towards Workington and Whitehaven.
Yacht sails perhaps (they were moving around), strange how they appear to be floating above the shimmer.

Mochrum Loch.

The Old Place of Mochrum built in 1368.
Home until her death in 2005 of Miss Flora Stuart. president of the Belted Galloway Cattle Society. 

Penningham Forest.

Loch Eldrig 

Bumble bee on a thistle.

More of Loch Eldrig

A Common Blue butterfly.

A thrush in the forest.

Wednesday night's moon.


  1. I'm such a sausage, I (think) I left my comment to this post via the email FW rather than here at the blog! How do I stand myself!? :) :)

    1. I got your comment Rose, that's fine by me, get personal by all means.

  2. So much beauty here, the birds are delightful and the views spectacular.

    1. I'm lucky to be surrounded by so much Linda.

  3. so much beauty! loved seeing your river life.
    your birds are more tame than the ones that come to my pond, if i open my door they fly away, at least the ducks do.

    1. 'Feeding the Ducks' is a favourite pastime of Brits Tammie. I guess that's why they're much tamer than yours.

  4. Nice collection of photos Jim, On a hot day it's nice to be around water as even the sight of it cools you down. Pretty warm here tonight and not a breath of air outside.

    1. It's cooling down now Bob but maybe there's more to come yet. I'm hoping for a prolonged spell of freezing weather this coming winter.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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