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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Black Burn, Carsbuie

Last week I shared these pictures with my family and friends on Facebook.
This week I thought I should share them with my blogging friends.
Last Friday late afternoon I took a run up to Blairbuie north of Shennanton.
I first looked around here in 2009.
Here's that post Ring of Barfad.
This is the Black Burn before it runs into the Bladnoch River. 
Just after taking this picture I heard a flapping sound.

I just managed to zoom in on this fella before he/she flew out of sight.

There's a point where the burn runs slow and deep. I sat and watched as the dragonflies flew by.
There were dolphins and gators in the burn (unless you see something else)

My Facebook friends saw a frog, a demon and a petrified heron here.
 I saw a girl in a wheelchair race.

Though I sat for a while, the otters never showed. 
We pass by here on one or two of Shorty's walks and it's quite a magical place.
I'll be back


  1. Too bad the otters were a no show. Beautiful photos.

  2. You're right Jim, one's imagination could run riot here in this magical place. What a marvellous spot for photos, observing and contemplation.

  3. It's nice to find a magical spot like that one.

  4. Thanks for your comments good people, they are appreciated. I did spot an otter on the River Bladnoch yesterday, but as usual no photograph.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
is someone watching me