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Monday, 22 September 2014

Fungi September 2014

Pictures of mushrooms and toadstools I've taken the past few weeks.
There is a website called Wild About Britain. In it there's a page called British Fungi Identification
I've only put the links in, in case anyone reading wants to identify a certain species since I'm not going to. 
There is one large mushroom shown that may cause merriment to some readers. I make no comparisons of it's shape to anyone I know !
The last two pictures are non fungal, but I've included them in this post because I can.

Two butterflies had flown away by the time I took the above picture.
It looks as though the sap coming out of a tree on the banks of the Bladnoch has attracted them.

I just caught this heron before it disappeared.

Hope you all enjoyed the 'shrooms.

Have a nice day.


  1. I love all the different colours and patterns of mushrooms!

    1. I agree Linda, I think there'll be more before the year is out.

  2. A fine selection of fungal forms there Jim. Great photos.

    1. Cheers Bob, so long as it stays out of my house. Years ago we had to have a floor removed, the whole footings were a great mass of spreading yellow. We'd wondered why it was the only wooden floor in the house. Insurance excess meant we had three hundred pounds to pay which in the 70's was a lot of money. I needed to get in a lot of overtime.

  3. Love fungi and these are really, really nice shots Jim.
    Talk about nature being weird and utterly wonderful!
    I truly deliberated and tried to choose a favourite but....... :)

    1. Thanks Rose, I still have to go to a few old ruins where I know there lurks some strange stuff. I still have nightmares from what we found under our living room. (see reply above).
      I'm led to believe that my 'blue sky' picture has been printed off and framed.

    2. It's always well worth nipping back to the comments section! The story about the fungi under your floor boards! I've never heard of such a thing! That was a huge insurance excess for the times. Poor you, poor Peggy!

    3. A Google image search for "under floorboard fungus" will give you an idea Rose.


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Morning deer
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