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Friday, 16 January 2015

A winters day in Galloway

A note to followers of the Glebe Blog. Some of you know the following details.
You may have noticed a lack of posts recently. I'm also neglecting posts of fellow bloggers.
2015 will see changes in my life as well as changes to this blog.
The answers to the above can be found on a fellow blogger's pages.
Here's the link.
Perhaps a future blog may well be called 'The Glebe Rose'.
Watch this space and Rose's for updates on our long distance (soon to be up close and personal) romance.

We finally got the snow here in South West Scotland.
Here are a few of the pictures I took today.
Before daylight

The Glebe

Riverside ducks



A snow storm

Snowy with one of his hats

A bird next door

I took a walk above Old Hall farm for most of the remaining pictures.
Enjoy the pictures, there'll be very little commentary.

Gathering clouds

Looking down Corsbie Road I wondered what was happening with the seagulls ?

Answer :- Schoolkids with food from the tuck shop.

This little fella was by the play area in Blairmount.

My creation back in the Glebe tried a couple of hats on.
This is for cooling down those North Queenslanders who can't get enough out of the Air-Con............

............and for Irish and Boston readers................

The snow returns

Here's a Panorama on Dermander


  1. Hello Jim, That's fantastic news I hope the future holds well for you and Rose. I'm sure you'll make her visit an experience of a lifetime and her yours when you visit down under. I sincerely wish you all the best, I still remember your kind words and support when Anne died thank you.

    1. Thank you Sandy, I've a feeling that Rose and myself will be just about perfect for each other. I've high hopes for the future.
      Might just get to say hello to you sometime.

  2. Hi Jim,
    Nice selection of photos as usual. Best wishes to you both and I hope Rose enjoys her stay here. I certainly never saw that possibility coming. I must be really thick :o)
    Bet a women would have picked up the clues though. Men are dense and me in particular.
    Best wishes for happy new beginnings.....

    1. Thanks Bob, you're not the only one that never saw it coming, neither did I. Though I've been commenting on Rose's blog for nearly three years, It's only this last few months we've got really close. 'Happy New Beginnings' sounds perfect.

  3. Well how wonderful I must say, Im so happy for you both thats truly lovely news, may your days ahead be filled with loveliness, as im sure they will be.

    1. Thank you Ruthie, I'll be sure to introduce her to your work and hopefully catch up with you at the Craft Fair.

  4. Jim, I'm coming to visit you from Rose's blog. I think she'll need a heavy coat and hiking shoes when she visits! Good Luck to you both. I'm very fond of Rose, so be good to her.

    1. I will Barb, she'll be at home here. She'll love Scotland.


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Morning deer
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