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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A bygone age - Kirkmabreck

Tuesday the 10th of February
It was a dull, dreary and murky day as I parked up close to Bagbie Sheds.
I'd decided I wanted to take a look at the old Kirkmabreck Church and Burial Ground 
and then onto the now defunct granite quarry whose stone built 
Liverpool's Albert Dock 

I walked here with the Ramblers in March 2011

Because of the dullness of the day, I've made all the pictures black and white.
It seemed the thing to do. 
Lots of pictures, very little description.

The first batch of pictures are from the church and graveyard ruins 

The central monument is to

After leaving the churchyard I headed uphill

I took this selfie for size comparison.
There's a lot of stone up here.

I wonder what this building was, there's a few initials on the walls

A lone building on high

A blog plug to any passing aircraft

I was intrigued when I blew up the previous picture. I must zoom in the next time.
There appears to be a ladder and possible a manhole.
Is that a large drainage pipe underneath I wonder ?

There's an interesting interview with a former quarryman Robert Ross on this page

Before heading back to the car, I got a few pictures of the surrounding area.

The Cree Shoreline

My best picture of the day

The only sunshine of the day

An old gatepost ?

Back at the Glebe, Snowy still stands.
Bye for now.


  1. The black and white theme is very apt for the type of day it turned out to be and I think the 3 images of the sunshine trying to break through are just brilliant.
    A really great series of images James.

    1. Thanks Rose. I didn't quite get the sun ray pictures quite as sharp as they were due to a long zoom in, but I agree the view was quite brilliant. I'm trying to remember if you've posted any tropical storms ?

  2. Very Ansel Adams Jim. One thing about black and white is that it gives items in the landscape full clarity. It's probably why old horror films like Nosferatu are so creepy and atmospheric even today. A Gothic Graveyard tour.

    1. Nice of you to mention Ansel Adams Bob, but I'd have to go back 50 years, begin training and start again to be anywhere in his league.
      I should have captured a ghost.

  3. A great collection of black and whites Jim, very atmospheric.

  4. As usual another post full of interest thanks for sharing.... liking the B&W! Some local curves or levels adjustments should make the rays pop to what you saw on the day.if you wanted to go down that road... still good shots whatever :)


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Morning deer
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