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Monday, 9 March 2015

A wet day round Penninghame pond way

Though it was a miserable day I needed to get out.
I thought I'd see frogs as it's more than a month since I first saw frog spawn.
Sadly, Penninghame pond area still has frog spawn.
I took lots of pictures anyway.
The video included is an interesting one.
I'll say no more, either enjoy the pictures or don't bother.

I was about to leave because the rain came on, but I noticed these chaffinches flying around a log pile.
It seems visitors have been keeping them fed with nuts, bird seed and bread.

This is a video compiled of 186 photographs taken in a high speed burst. Each image lasts one twelfth of a second.
The birds are mainly chaffinches at Penninghame Pond near Newton Stewart.
The musical clip is a section of Ragtime Annie played by Bill Wimberly & His Country Rhythm Boys in 1957.


  1. It looked cold out there, but it's wonderful to get out there in that bracing fresh air!
    Loved the images and the clip!

  2. Loved the pictures, especially the chaffinches as we don't see them here in Canada.

  3. Good selection of woodland photos Jim. Wonder what the foam is coming out the trees? Sap or resin mixing with rainwater if they are sucking up too much fluid perhaps and need to expel some of it or just a reaction to something?

  4. I love this series, and as always, your photos bring me much joy. Thank you for sharing them, Jim. :)


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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