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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Creetown to Kirkmabreck Quarry - Wigtown Walks and Talks

Tuesday the 7th of April 2015

I decided to take a walk with the Wigtown Walks and Talks group today.
The walk leader almost always is the amiable Tony Brotherton who has many walks logged with Walking World
It's from Creetown to the middle of the Kirkmabreck quarries.
I've been this way with the ramblers in the past.
We started at Kirkmabreck Church in Creetown.
Here's a few pictures.

Larg Cottage and Larg Farm Road

Lambs galore today

Lower slopes Larg Hill

River Cree views

View across Wigtown Bay to West Kirkland and Culquhirk north of Wigtown.

Here's a photograph I took in 2008
(Maybe 30 feet rather than the 40 feet I thought, things always look longer from a height)

Kirkmabreck Quay

View to Castle Point near Garlieston

Tide out Wigtown Bay

A short ascent

Underground water channel

Remnants of quarry tramway system.

There appears to be a lot of iron under the surface.

The middle of the three large Kirkmabreck quarries

I went exploring !

Tramway Rope Wheel ?

Narrow Gauge Rail and other Iron

Shepherd, quad bike and sheep

River Cree and Minnigaff Hills view.

River Cree view

Descent back towards Creetown

Decided to take this panorama..............................

...............then squashed it !!
Almost an oil painting perhaps.
(A bit of fun anyway)

The door and knee of Cairnsmore behind Larg Farm

A very enjoyable morning out was concluded at the


  1. History, rural scenes, spectacular scenery and brilliant weather - a perfect recipe for a thoroughly enjoyable walk. Another one for the ever-growing list :)

  2. Spring seems to get earlier every year. Even the cherry trees are flowering now at the start of April instead of May. That special effect certainly makes the mountains more dramatic in the way that the early romantic painters used to "heighten" the landscape. I like it. The Arrochar Alps would look like the Dolomites.

  3. What lovely shots-many could be paintings:)


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Morning deer
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