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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Glebe in the Antipodes - Tasmania

On we go then.
I eventually got myself to Tasmania, after a forgettable flight transfer experience at Melbourne (It wasn't just me !, it has the reputation !!) 
 Picked up a lovely hire car at Launceston. Much better value than my NZ hire.
A couple hours drive south and I was in Brighton , roughly 16 miles North of Hobart.
Brighton is the home of my cousin Ella (Isabella) who I last saw in Redcliffe, Brisbane on my 
Ella spends much of her time babysitting her grandson and granddaughter, a couple of lively and endearing youngsters . They live a short drive out to the west.    
Over the next two weekends Ella's daughter and son in law organised absolutely brilliant outings for us all  to make my trip to Tasmania so memorable.
In between I took a road trip around parts of the island.
My preconceived ideas of Tasmania were completely off the mark.
This was a wonderful experience, thanks in no small part to the welcome and trip planning of my Tasmanian kinfolk.
The memories are etched.
Thank you so much guys.

Brighton and Hobart

Mount Wellington 

Trip to Port Arthur and the Tasman National Park

Road Trip

Road Trip (continued)

Brighton again

Mount Dromedary view from the 'Ranch'

After a fabulous ten days I said my goodbyes and drove back to Launceston.
Handed back my hire car and boarded a plane.
My hearts desire was back in Townsville.......we we're already in the planning stages of our reunion.
Not this time though, I was heading back to Perth, Western Australia for the last leg of this trip.


  1. Hi Jim, Great set of photos. My sister has been to Tasmania a few times on holiday over the years and loves it there. Like Australia's version of the Scottish Highlands for her as it's a lot more rugged with better defined seasons and mountains that catch the snow in winter. A big change from her semi desert home in OZ.
    Looks like you had a great trip and got around a lot.

    1. Cheers Bob, it is very much like the highlands but with gum trees. They can be very impressive giants.
      You must be due a return visit to Whyalla soon ?
      It's the air fares that are getting me.
      At the moment I've only bought my ticket out for 2016, but I don't want to become an illegal, I need to get back to Scotland.

  2. Hi Jim. Can't see me ever making another trip to OZ unless I win the pools. They always say in TV progs it's not that far away but it takes a couple of grand each time and I've only visited my sister 3 times in 40 years as I felt my mum needed to see her more than I did so contributed to her 5 solo trips instead.
    That's something that folk emigrating don't really understand... that it still is the other side of the world and you will be lucky to see your relatives again in the flesh unless they are rich. Probably why so many get home sick and come back after a few years. The last time my Dad seen my sister was when she left in her early 20s. Obviously both my folks are dead now.


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