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Friday, 11 January 2008

Copyright Infringement.(Not this picture,it's mine)

I had a feeling after Prince told YouTube to get his music off their site,that others would follow.My Bladnoch Bottled video has been referred.I honestly thought my pictures and clips complimented the song 'The Celtic new year.I'll admit i used the song without their permission,but i believe the images i put to the music constitutes the lions share of the presentation.I like to put music to my pictures and clips,so it looks like in future(thats if there's a mad rush of artistes claiming copyright infringements)i shall have to use non copyright material and music thats in the public domain.
I've just looked on YouTube under Van Morrison,and theclips are coming off in their droves.
Well thats no more free publicity for Van Morrison from me.
I will upload Bladnoch Bottled again,but they wont be able to take it off this time.

Hope you like todays picture.Just as the sun was setting on a very cold South West Scotland winters day,i walked through the woods at the back of my house.Climbed up the wee brae to look at the views and this one caught my eye.


  1. Yes, they took down all the Van Morrison stuff, including a live performance we did at a talent show, not even for the kids can they be good guys.

  2. Hi Shots,I think they are wrong.Surely the more coverage an artiste gets the more popular he becomes.Killjoys.


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Morning deer
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