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Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Kirkmabreck is a great place for taking pictures.
The following passage is copied from Gen Uki's pages.
The quarry is now disused.

"The parish of Kirkmabreck is formed of the old parish of this name, and the largest portion of the old parish of Kirkdale...
The general aspect of the parish is mountainous, and may be said to be formed of a succession of hills and valleys; and the ridges of mountains, which rise rapidly from the shore and intersect the parish, have a very picturesque effect, particularly from Wigtownshire....
There are several fisheries in this parish upon the Cree, and in the bay, principally for Salmon, spirlings, founders, herring, &c.; and the nets employed for taking them are stake-nets, bag-nets, draught-nets...
The situation of Creetown is very picturesque. It is built between two rivulets or burns and four bridges. The gardens are so abundantly stocked with fruit trees, that in spring, when the blossoms are exuberant, the village appears as if it had been built in an orchard...
It was erected into a burgh of barony through the influence of John M'Culloch, Esq. of Barholm, on the 13 December 1791...
The nearest market town is Newton Stewart, and is only six miles distant from Creetown.
The population has increased considerably since 1831, in consequence of the Liverpool Dock Company having opened a very large granite quarry in this parish, at which they have from 60 to 450 men occasionally employed...
The united parish of Kirkmabreck and Kirkdale is of an irregular shape, and is about 9 miles long, and 5 miles broad. It is bounded on the north by Minnigaff; on the east by Girthon; on the south, by Anworth; and on the west, by the Cree and Wigton Bay. "(Rev. John Muir, Minister) New Statistical Account, Blackwood

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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