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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A Day in the Machars

When i set this blog up i said it would be light hearted and fun.I've now had occasion to moderate comments.This is because of some internet low life trying to put links to unsuitable material on my blog.I'd like to apologise to any perusers who may have been inadvertently directed to any of this material.

On to todays pictures which come from a lovely and often warm day in the Machars.
The old boy's still looking out to sea at Port William.

We saw otters today but alas i wasn't able to photograph or film them.By coincidence two of the live otters we did see was from up at the Gavin Maxwell Memorial.

And another we watched (I'll have to get myself a video camera with class) was from St Medan beach.

On down to the Isle of Whithorn,and more of St Ninian.

The Pilgrims Cairn of stones keeps growing.

A quick look round Wigtown took us down to the Distillery at Bladnoch.
I just loved this reflective view under the bridge.

While showing my friends round the distillery we bumped into Raymond.He was sampling a vat which was seventy percent towards being Bottled Bladnoch.He invited us to smell the aqua vitae.It was heavenly.
This must have affected us all,because the next half hour was a wonderful and often funny chinwag with Raymond.

The day was complete when we ate a first class and splendid meal at the Bladnoch Inn.
I'll admit i didn't take this last picture-it's from their own website.

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Morning deer
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