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Friday, 15 February 2008

Galloway Forest Park and Stewartry Drive

Today Thursday 14th of February is St Valentines day.It's also the last full day of my friends visit.
First stops are at the Glen of the Bar,then the Mare's tale in the Galloway Forest Park.Usually there's a fairly copious flow of water over here,but there's been no rain for a week now.It doesn't take long for the water to slow to a trickle.

On then to the wild goat park,where a few biscuits were appreciated.

And then to the Red Deer range,where there were Forestry men and Vets in attendance.We talked to one of the vets.They were about to round them up and tranquilise a number of them.Apparently instead of culling them they now move them around the country to purpose built deer parks.Great idea.

On now to Clatteringshaws Dam.

A lot of South West Scotlands lochs are the product of
Hydro Electricity.Here's what a Wikipedia page says.

Today the dams are well liked and a source of pride to the people of Galloway and of course are still generating environmentally friendly electricity. However they were not universally admired when they were first built, as local poet W.G.M. Dobie wrote:

This is our land of Galloway
Where in a more heroic day
The Bruce contrived to trap and slay
An army of invaders
Where Patrick Heron, Silver Sand
May Maxwell and the Smuggler band
Adventured as by Crockett's hand
Is Written in The Raiders

A raider comes today who kills
The glories of our glens and hills
With unheroic acts and bills
and "Private Legislation"
The Company promoters pen
Will Dam the Deugh and dam the Ken
and Dam the Dee - oh Dam the men
Who Plan such desecration!

After sandwiches at Kenick Wood,were now on the Laurieston to Gatehouse of Fleet road.The camera never seem to do justice to the wonderful views from here.

I love the name of the viewpoint.

Down to Gatehouse of Fleet and Cally Woods.

Mill on the Fleet.

After enjoying a cuppa at the cafe we head over to the Cream of Galloway to find it closed until Easter.
It's still a lovely day,so we drop down to Kirkcudbright.

And a walk round the harbour and marina.

Back past Maclellans Castle.

And the emotionally stirring monument to loved ones.

It's still quite light as we head back to Newton Stewart,the days are certainly getting longer.
I hope my friends have enjoyed their visit.I'm sure they have.


  1. Lovely photos as usual, so glad to see that the goats and deer were happy to come out and show their faces . Must have just been me and my tribe that they decided to avoid, we possibly made more noise than this weeks visitors . Never mind there will be other chances to see them, I am sure . Pleased you've had a good week . See you soon .

  2. Thanks no1-glad the weather held.Have a nice weekend.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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