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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Rhins

This morning 12th February 2008 the ground was white with frost.
With friends visiting from North Lincolnshire,today turned out to be a good day to visit Port Logan,the Mull of Galloway and Portpatrick.
A hazy sunshine denied us views of the Isle of Man,Ireland and the Mull of Kintyre but I still managed to get some good pictures.
We kept an eye open for any sealife,but no seals,dolphins or any other marine life was spotted.We were reliably informed there would be seals down in West Tarbet bay,but that would have taken up most of the day.I'll be paying a long visit myself one day.
We did see plenty of seabirds though,and if i'd had my camera at the ready i could have had a close up of a Peregrine Falcon.
Here are some of the pictures i took.

At Portpatrick we thought we'd stumbled upon a big customs bust.We saw a high tech state of the arts Customs vessel send out an inflatable(RHIB)to look at two classy boats entering the harbour,but after waiting a while it was obvious we were going to be disappointed.

The sun was well down by the time we got home.


  1. What lovely photos on a gorgeous day, couldn't be better for viewing such a lovely part of the region. Did you get to the victorian fishpond or is it not open in the winter ? Hope your visitors are enjoying themselves, and you are enjoying the company .See you in a couple of weeks .

  2. Thank you no1.I'm not sure whats going on at the Victorian fishpond,there is a notice up saying 'Closed until further notice'.Visitors are loving it.
    See you in a couple of couple of weeks.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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