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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Wigtownshire Ramblers-New Luce Circular.

It's Saturday the 23rd of February,and todays walk was to be a circular walk starting at the village of New Luce.Car sharing again from the Riverside car park,and a really comfortable ride.
We were a little late getting to the walk start at the village hall.A total of twenty one walkers today.
Before setting off the walk leader informed us of a change to the route because of ground conditions,we'd had a lot of rain.
Today i seemed to be conversing more with other ramblers rather than concentrating on taking pictures.The fact that it was rather overcast and dull this probably wasn't a bad thing.

This place wasn't open so abandoning the walk for a drink wasn't an option.
Todays walk was classed as moderate.We started north along the Barrhill road before turning west down a farm road,which was probably Barlure Farm.
Past the farm we had to go under the main Stranraer Ayr railway line.

Here we stopped while some of the ramblers talked to this farmer complete with the now standard quad bike and sheepdog.Not hearing any of his conversation i couldn't tell whether he was from Barlure Farm.

Continuing along the now sometimes muddy farm track it was time for the first sweetie distribution.

It seemed to me we were keeping up a fair pace.By now i'd walked off my left leg pain(Oh didn't i mention that).It wasn't long before we were at the designated spot for our break.
According to the Ordinance Survey there are a lot of Cairns and Mounds around here.I'll come back at a more liesurely pace to investigate some time.

After welcome nourishment we're on the way again,but we're leaving behind the well defined track and heading into what i would call bog.

Reminded me of striding over the bogs at Dunmakeever in the Cuilcagh Mountain area of Ireland.

Now it's downhill to cross the footbridge on the Main Water of Luce.

Crossing over was no easy task for the more wary of the group.But help and encouragement were plentiful and everyone safely over.

Curly had no problem getting over.

Now it's tarmac road all the way back to New Luce.

But still cattle grids to be negotiated.

The ruins of a fortress down here.

And a caterpillar parked up for the weekend.

Here's the regular train on the Stranraer Ayr line.There's talk of running steam trains on the line.Wouldn't that have made a better picture than this one.

Another mini break on the road and we're soon back at New Luce.

The house at the road junction has a colourful display of heather.

And then there's this pretty looking wooden cottage.
And we're back at the village hall and the walk is over.
Not a particularly scenic or long walk(it was probably no more than five miles),but as usual brilliant company and discourse.
Next week walk is a strenuous walk,no worries.

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