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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Port Logan Circular

Saturday the 9th of February,and todays walk is in the South Rhins area of Port Logan.
Once again i dont need to drive far as i'm kindly picked up by other ramblers at Newton Stewart.
The weather today is a little dull with hints of the sun breaking through.
The walk start is at Port Logan Harbour Car Park,and it looks as though a lot of walkers are turning up for this one.

After a recount or two it was established that there were twenty seven walkers today,a record for any one walk.

A very pleasant though sometimes muddy circular walk ensued over rolling countryside.

I'm still getting to know people,and remembering names,but again i met others for the first time.

A lot of comments were made about how advanced the plant growth was for this time of year-it appears winters are becoming a thing of the past-rhododendrons and daffodils almost blooming early February!.

Much of the land we covered was agricultural,there were a few interesting derelict ex WW2 buildings and other substantial ruins on the walk.This ia something i've noticed since arriving back in Scotland-in rural areas ruins are not razed to the ground to make way for new developements.

Part of our walk took us through part of the Logan House Estate where the Logan Botanical Gardens are situated.Here we stopped for lunch.
This requires a visit on it's own.I didn't get a picture of the house.This ones from the Gazetteer for Scotland Website.

I was reminded of some of the more tropical places on my travels while walking through here.

Apologies for the quality of these pictures-condensation on the lens-i must check more regularly.
This walk was about six miles long,but it seemed like no time that we were heading back down the road to Port Logan.My sense of direction went completely to pot on this walk.When Port Logan came back into view i was lost.Age!

Of the four walks i've done so far,this was certainly one of the easier ones.I cant explain why i went to sleep on the settee when i got home though.
Next weeks walk is an eight mile strenuous by the interesting name of 'Rig of the Jarkness and Craiglea'.Hope the weathers good.
P.S In case i have any new readers who dont know-if you click on the pictures you get an enlargement.


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  2. You'll have to remember to hand off the camera at least once so we can have a snap of your smiling face! :)

  3. I probably wont be smiling Shelley-I'm a miserable old sod

  4. Pish-tosh! Then stick out your tongue for the camera and let us have a wee look at you ;)


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