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Friday, 28 March 2008

Sawney Bean and Ailsa Craig

Went over to Ballantrae yesterday to look for the legendary Sawney Bean's cave.It's down there somewhere.

This truck driver thought he'd just drop in.
I think the truck and trailer beyond repair now.

The climb down was hard enough,and i didn't get to the cave,the tide was in.
This picture collage shows what i mistakenly thought was the cave.Climbing back up was tough,but i disappointed this circling bird of prey.
Celticsam3 snapped a picture just before i collapsed back in the car.

After i'd recovered we spent some time in Girvan where i got this picture of Ailsa Craig.

A look at Girvan Harbour as the fishing boats were returning with the days catch.

The gulls look well fed.

Watch out for some excellent harbour footage coming soon on Celticsam3's YouTube channel.

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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