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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Burrowhead-The Wicker Man

As any British Film aficionado knows,quite a number of the original 'Wicker Man' scenes were filmed at Burrowhead.
On my YouTube clip 'Five Minutes at Burrowhead' i had a comment asking where were the remains of the Wickermans legs.

The above pictures are from
These next few pictures were taken today Sunday April 6th 2008

I think the Health and Safety Executive have been busy.

Close by is what looks like an iron anchor point embedded in the rocks.Whether this was something to do with the Wickerman or not i couldn't say.It's possible they needed to anchor it to something to stop the wind blowing it down.

I get the feeling that this bike was never ridden by Edward Woodward.

(I did toy with the idea of salvaging it).

Did they film the Flintstones here? This certainly looks like one of Fred or Barneys wheels.
I think i've said it before,but this really is a rugged coastline and views to match.

While taking these pictures i spotted a seal and a sea otter,but could i get a picture-could i cocoa.I got less than two seconds of the seal on my video camera,but looking at the replay,it it could be anything.I need to get zoom lenses.

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  1. what a great post. i love it. you've got a really good eye. can't wait to visit again soon. hoping to get up to see you in june.


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